Just a week ago, August 2, Instagram Stories appeared in a bar at the top of our feeds. This feature has already won the hearts of not only ordinary users around the world, but also profiles of celebrities, famous brands and even news media. Let’s overlook how all of them have fun with a new doodad.


Backstage Secrets

We used to think that Instagram is only for starched, polished, and licked on all sides photos and videos. Only the best of the best shots can be caught in the tape of this sacred place. But everything changed when the Instagram Stories came…

The main convenience of Stories is that now users don’t need to clutter up their feed with the same typed photo and video or to switch on Snapchat every single minute. Instead, they can share the events taking place in real time in Stories and not to worry about overposting. Anyway, after 24 hours all this disappears. Now Instagram has an opportunity to show the authentic images, without imposing piles and clouds of filters. So that, brands can lift the drapes of creating their perfect content.

Instagram Stories Conquer Brands

This trick played right into the hands of several brands. For example, the UFC uses Stories to show their athletes at the supermarket sharing the food he eats during training. It seems that people who have buzz from stories about life of their idols will reach out to profiles that give them such an opportunity. A popular fashion magazine Vogue demonstrated another course of action It posted short video-tours from its office and photos from behind-the-scenes looks at fashion shoots. The editor Lucy Hutchings said that it is getting “tens thousands of views within hours”.

News agencies, reviewing Olympic Games in Rio, are now able to attract followers with additional content besides vapid news briefs.The New York Times has already shown good results in the coverage of the Games. Its Rio-centric Instagram Stories provides materials taken in and around the Olympics. “As the single most influential media organization on the planet, – quipped The Onion’s publisher emeritus T. Herman Zweibel in a press release,- The Onion is committed to expanding its dominance to all possible platforms, from the inmate-to-inmate social media site Clink to the mortician microvlogging platform UndrTakr to Instagram.”


On Your Own Way

Stories allow many users to find self-expression, to show their individuality and singularity. We know what people say about the first impression: it forms our mind and remains in the memory for a long time. The Huffington Post has not forgotten about it, and therefore the first few Stories were made very much in the Snapchatty style. It was slight ignorance and absolute illiteracy. In the photo where Obama celebrates his 55th birthday by eating pizza. The author has added hand-drawn captions and teenaged writing «Daayum Dat cheeeeeeeze».

By the way, how often do you watch videos on Facebook or in Instagram longer than 15 seconds? Kevin Young, Bloomberg’s social media editor, assert that on Facebook after the first 15 seconds or so «the viewership drops off a cliff». “We’re seeing much stronger results with Instagram”- he mentioned. Generally, followers watch Stories to the end and do not switch to other materials. Knowing this, different brands can create a productive content. Famous cosmetic companies can create short makeup tutorials, and museums can broadcast from the opening of a new exhibition. Add to all this a little bit of creativity and you will get a good PR stunt.


Let’s Talk Tete-a-tete

Instagram Stories Conquer Brands

The Stories have another great feature that allows brands to get feedback on its content in a short time. Once a follower looked his story, he can send a message that comes into the user’s Direct. Instagram is really turning into a social media platform where you can share your experiences and discuss it with the followers personally. Of course, it is too early to say whether there will be success with all this heaped up story, but, for example, Bustle launched Stories “How do Stories” and received 75,000 views with follow-up questions.


All That Glitters Is Not Gold

However, not everything so smoothly and fabulously wonderful as it seems at first glance. There are still users who have not updated their Instagram app and not have access to the new functions. Besides, Snapchat still has some advantages in the form of the bells and whistles like filters and masks that are so popular with the majority. Let me say, Al Jazeera English has more than 430,000 Instagram followers, but only 12,000 tuned in to the Stories. It had a completion rate of 8 percent, compared to 50-70 percent for Al Jazeera’s videos on Snapchat. Although, it’s probably just a matter of time. We can only wait and keep tabs on development of events in the world of social media.

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