It is the second dozen 21th century outside. Though, it seems 90’s were not so long ago, they have already entered the history with events, personality and of course fashion. Instagram account @ninetiesmoments page will show the revolutionary 90s.

The same type of fashion photos wandering the expanses of the network is no surprise. Often it is unknown photographs are the key to unlocking the fashion code of an entire generation.  Vincent Mank and Jayme Miller is a berlin-based creative partnershipare which documenting the lesser-known side of the 90s on their Instagram page. While they were working in Mario Testino’s London agency boys started  the @ninetiesmoments account where the most inspiring pictures of that time found the shelter.



Fashion is obsession

The philosophy tolds not only about beautiful photos but “authenticity, rich colours, raw beauty, and always something extra that you can’t quite put your finger on”. We find as real historical references page where @ninetiesmoments’ posts range from Joaquin Phoenix’s Prada campaign shot by photographer Glen Luchford and Juergen Teller’s early 90s shots of Kate Moss for British Vogue, to street style fashion editorials shot by Wolfgang Tillmans.

@Ninetiesmoments @Ninetiesmoments

Vincent and Jayme are both in love with finding relatively unknown 90s imagery by going through photographer’s archives. This feeling for 90s fashion was established while they were working at Mario Testino +, agency for art direction among other things. To theire plesure partnes were introduced to Mario’s archive, where we conected his entire body of work through the 90s and 2000s. Those images are so raw, the colours are incredible, and above all they are totally original.

At some point Mank and Miller had built up such a vast archive from the 90s that they got the desire to share them with others. Instagram became the perfect way because of its directness and immediacy.

@Ninetiesmoments @Ninetiesmoments

Content issue

All pictures published in public archive @ninetiesmoments are composed from three archives – Jayme’s, Vincent’s, and their joint cloud space. In dealing with such a large amount of data it just needs to be organized and always be able to find the required file.

In its turn these archives have their sources of files. Firstly, it is the Internet: they use a couple of nerdy forums and great archive sites with pretty good content. But the most precious source of a truly exclusive photos is physical issues of magazines from the decade. “We find it so much more satisfying to stumble upon images that have never been seen on a digital screen before – especially when working on a new project. We frequent art libraries that have extraordinary collections and sometimes we buy old issues of magazines we love.” –  Vincent said.


PR and Partnership

The project already recieves feedback from followers and contact with the industry members involved in posts – photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists, and editors. Katie Grand was the first major industry member to repost one of their early selected editorials, and since then others such as Suzanne Koller, Edward Enninful, Nicolas Ghesquière, and Vanessa Reid, among others, supporte as well.

To repeat that Instagram has long been a platform for promotion is no sense. But in skilful hands and with up-to-date idea your favorite hobby can easily monetized and become profitable for several parties.

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