Violence and women’s rights have become a hot issue this year: media, politicians and other public figures voice their opinion on the problem and come to the conclusion that cases of women’s rights impairment still take place and even gather pace in modern world. Violence has the same tendency, both physical and psychological. UN Woman organization established 16 days campaign with a purpose to draw people’s attention to the current situation.


Orange – the color of respect

Started on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women,  “Orange The World” campaign will last until 10 December, Human Rights Day. This annual action involves theme conversations, visits and manifestations all over the world. This time, the emphasized point of the discussion is the long-term strategy of human rights improvement, which is called “Sustainable Development Goals “, and its influence on women especially. Reduced inequalities, better education quality, decent work and economic growth are some of the positions mentioned.

Orange The WorldOrange The WorldOrange The WorldHowever, the success achievement the results depends on multiple factors. Worldwide illumination of violence issues is not enough: financial support from leading  companies and brands will expand capabilities of the UN Women projects. Companies  themselves are looking for such collaborations as a source of effective marketing and innovation field. An increasing number of women’s rights activists is regarded as an additional segment of customers for brands. There is no doubt that group solidarity matters a lot: for example, Benneton has joined an Orange campaign by recording videos within the framework of the program. Chair of Sustainability in Benetton, Chiara Mio, applied to the readers of Huffington Post with the words: “Gender violence is an epidemic we should all want to end. But the problems are stubbornly enduring. So we must work together, as individuals, companies, governments and international organizations, if we really want to make a difference.”

Orange The WorldOrange The World

The phenomenon of global awareness

“Orange The World” is not the only civil movement that has taken place recently: on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram thousands of users post their stories and opinions about domestic violence  and give advices to victims. In addition, women revealed their true life stories about being raped with a hashtag #IAmNotAfraidToSay, what has made a great public resonance and many talks. The remarkable effect of each moment is the global involvement; founders of UN Women are mostly citizens of USA and European countries, but they do concern about the situation with women’s rights in Middle East countries, where norms and values differ to western. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of UN Women, with a support of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon introduced “Orange The World” as a part of UN peace mission.

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