Facebook has shifted one more time. “Personally informative” newsfeed is a thing now joining all the behavioural predictions and family and friends prioritization. What the hell does it mean? How will it change the process of content creation and distribution? Well, just keep reading and you’ll find out soon.


“Personally informative” is a new black now

The recent changes have brought another turmoil to the way the brands are creating stuff. What has this new feature changed? Basically, it ordered the content into the personally relevant list to make the Facebook journey even more pleasant. It’s one more step towards behavioural profiling excellence. As usual, all the absorbed content is analysed and an according newsfeed is proposed. Although there is no information how all this gets along with the recent scandal about editorial room elimination, it is still peculiar. Somehow the algorithms are making more accurate prediction bringing truly informative content ignoring the scams and false news.

In order to comply, the content creators now have to think even harder when creating something. Do you use such crap as “this news will shock you” or “you’ll never believe what’s happened next”? If so, there is a great chance your content is not going anywhere near your target audience. You need to constantly pitch coolest and original stories now. “How to do it?” – we can hear you asking. There are a couple of tips.

First of all, apart from getting people something relevant and new for once, one should be conscious about new rules of story telling like being “author-centred”. In other words, the audience wants to see a person behind every story and ideally to be able to get in touch with them. So, apart from just posting a video, give a link to its creators. You will also get the new audience among this person’s fans.

Facebook Feed

Secondly, it is quite sensible to analyse deeper. Not only the audience deserves the attention, but the events worldwide. Look at what people are buzzing about and think how you can employ it in your content strategy. Be it Trump or new exciting Netflix production, give your followers a chance to discuss it.


What can it give to you?

It seems that all the Facebook development has brought core changes to the content. To be fair, it made it even more relevant and valued pushing the content to people’s life. So, we should all be thankful for the chance to be creative and innovative. The Feed Quality program analyses more than 10 000 users reactions to make choices pro or contra some questionable news. It is still not really clear how it works or if it is even effective, but it scares the crap out of some brand strategists making them work harder and be relevant. However, one may be sure that this new modernization is just a developmental outcome from the family prioritization. Facebook has also made some homework before implementing the new feature. They surveyed and interviewed quite a bit of users to find what content they find informative, asking to rate something on the scale from 1 to 5. They also took note of the number of comments people leave and how often the press “like” button.


Facebook Feed


1/3 of all the social media users don’t really fancy an idea to see majorly the news on their feeds. That means that they probably are interested in it, but still want such content to be mixed with their closer circle news. One can come to the conclusion that the latter type of news is more informative for them. Voila, that’s what Facebook has also realized making the changes. So, once again, be relevant to your target audience friends’ circle as well in order to be reposted and be seen.

To sum up, the idea of informative content is extremely subjective. Although quite a lot fancy their family info, there is a good chance to attract a bunch of people giving credits to the content creators. It all depends on the specificity of your brand, anyway. All in all, it is obvious, that Facebook works hard on getting rid of shitty articles and videos and receiving a status of a reliable news outlet. Let’s see what they are going to change next.

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