Our world and society has seriously changed. Just a few years ago people spoke about a female-сhief only in close confines. Today, organizations are ready to teach women and girls how to manage not only their lives, but also their business. For those Millennial Women who are looking for becoming entrepreneur, making themselves responsible for their own lives and happiness, in 2014 Alex Hernandez opened special BossBabe Academy. Now, it is still in demand.


Who Is Alex Hernandez?

When she was 14, Alex Hernandez decided to be an entrepreneur. It all started when she saw a girl her age on MySpace who had made more than $1 million running an online business. «I remember sitting at my computer thinking, oh my god,» – Alex recalls, – «she had bought her parents a house». This moment became the starting point of an incredible Alex’s story.

#BossBabe Academy


On the way to her dream of own business and the success she had tried to sell the candles through the Internet, be a health coach and social media consultant. But this apparently was not enough. Her real, large-scale and successful business – #BossBabe Academy – appeared in 2014 when Alex was just 22 years. Full of vigor and energy, characterized by her particular style that many would cause disapproval (between ghetto fab chola to baby spice 90s to straight up high end devil wears Prada type of chic), she broke all the stereotypes and became the mistress of her fate.


What Is BossBabe’s Mission?

«I started it up out of nowhere one morning when one of my best friends sent me a nasty email after I had asked her for some help on a project,- said Alex,- «I just started talking shit on this new Instagram and felt a wave of other female entrepreneurs who feel the pain».

The Boss Babe Academy is a specialized monthly subscription service made specifically for millennial women. It provides all possible resources to help unlock the potential and begin to run an online business using social media. For $9.90/month you can get access to advice from business experts and materials that will guide you step-by-step on how to actually grow a business that fits into your lifestyle. It’s an innovative way to inspire the next generation of business women in this wide digital world.

#BossBabe Academy


The project found its audience in a few days. Since launching less than three months ago, the project has amassed more than 16,000 followers on Instagram, most of them women aged in their late teens and early 20s. Today, @bossbabe.inc has more than 326,000 followers. Basically, most of the content on account is motivational signs.

The project’s success is explained by the fact that Alex understands her audience, because she is the same young woman who used to be in need of support and assistance. «I was struggling with my business because I was so obsessed with my image and worrying about who was going to like me, – Alex explained,- «I would constantly play down my true look (specifically hair) just to seem more «professional»». But the idea of Boss Babe Academy is that you do not need to be afraid to be yourself to find a place in this life. Today, 20-something woman can look like Beyonce or Hillary Clinton, but more important how she is professional in the business. Prejudice has no place here. «#BOSSBABE is a brand that says fuck that. Fuck all of that. If you want to dress all cute, show some skin, you know, dress like a twenty-something then fucking do it. I won’t judge you. What matters to me is that you do business professionally».

#BossBabe Academy


Another aspect which Alex cover in Boss Babe is attitude to money: «I have some pretty sophisticated views on what money is». There is an opinion that a person who clearly expresses his love of money is a miser or an unbearable and boring workaholic. Someone still thinks that money should be earned through hard work that brings no joy and no satisfaction. But Alex said openly: «We love money and we are not going to feel bad about loving it. Yes, we want the cars, clothes, house… You name it. #BOSSBABE is the place where you can scream that and you will be cheered on».

#BossBabe Academy


Free Tips

Here are some advice from Alex Hernandez which could inspire you to star your own business or become more confident:

  • Social media only works if you love doing it. Find your voice then find your medium and then go to town.
  • Anyone who wants to start a business should be supported. Man, woman or child. The shits hard!
  • We are now living in a time where whatever your gifts are, whatever your passion is, you can take your gift and give it and make a living off it and monetize that.
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