Hong Kong’s digital economy is evolving expeditiously, showing its chances to become Asia’s next digital mainland. The upcoming Innovation Summit will give a broad insight into HK’s current position in digital market and discuss most recent digital and marketing trends. 

Hong Kong’s economy is evolving rapidly, while having a highly developed consumer market – this, in turn, offers an excellent opportunity to test various marketing concepts and techniques. The sophistication of Hong Kong’s market has resulted in strong presence of multinational agencies and a wide range of marketing services savvies.

Digital Strategy Innovation Summit: Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s Digital Market Is On The Rise

The digital revolution in Hong Kong is moving on at pace, with mobile internet usage being the highest in whole Asia. According to Go-Globe, with overall internet penetration rate of 73%, about 96% of smartphone users access Internet on a daily basis, and their preferences has switched to mobile shopping and online bill payment. Accessing internet via mobile is outperforming the traditional desktop usage at an incredibly fast rate.

Hong Kong’s internet market is expected to be worth U.S.$1.07 billion by 2020. As for digital advertising, it’s revenue is said to overcome that of TV this year. The figures for digital advertising market in Hong Kong show to be high – statistics prove that its revenue in 2017 amounts for US$582m, and by 2021 US$947m of total revenue in this market will be generated through mobile.

Digital Strategy Innovation Summit: Hong Kong

Meanwhile, many companies in Hong Kong are planning to attract new customers and retain the existing ones by using digital user experience, says Hays Quarterly Report. A significant rise in demand for digital marketing talents is predicted to happen, as they will help implement those plans in a dynamic and competitive marketing landscape.

As regards social media in Hong Kong, its penetration rates are slightly below those of China, accounting for 64% – however, they still show great potential to rise significantly. Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat are the most used apps now, and other social media networks are not far behind. In fact, WhatsApp has the highest penetration rate right now – most of the Hong Kong respondents claim this app to be their most favorite. The latest trend of 2017 – content marketing and visuals – are not left behind. For instance, 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%), states the Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

Digital Strategy Innovation Summit: Hong Kong

Asia’s Leading Strategy and Innovation Event

The modern digitalized and social media-dominated world requires engaging consumers more directly than ever, hugely emphasizing content marketing and visual storytelling as the most used and highly efficient tools of today’s marketing. This April 26-27, Innovation Enterprise, UK-based business media company, will be hosting Digital Strategy and Innovation Summit in Hong Kong, which will address the most up-to-date issues – among them, Audience Engagement, Brand Loyalty, Social Media Marketing and Video and Native Advertising.

Digital Strategy Innovation Summit: Hong Kong

InterContinental Grand Stanford Hotel Hong Kong is the very place where Digital, Marketing and Strategy leaders will be sharing their latest insights. Experts from Fortune 500 companies will bring real life case studies as well as multiple networking sessions. The speaker companies this year include Ebay, ABB, Alibaba, Tencent, Marriott International, Standard Chartered, DHL, AIA and others, who would share their knowledge and vision on emerging trends. The summit gathers most dynamic digital marketers and innovation leaders, each of whom is a true professional of developing marketing, social and content strategy for their brand.

Innovation Enterprise hosts various business events through digital media and live summits since 2009 with focus on Big Data, Analytics, Innovation, Digital and Strategy. For the last two years the Digital Strategy Summit took place at the heart of China, in Beijing; this year it is moving to Hong Kong and aims at finding key ways to “Engaging the Audience and Utilizing the Social Media Presence”. Innovative digital marketing strategies along with discussion panels and constant networking are those features that can definitely provide event’s western attendees with valuable knowledge and ideas.

Digital Strategy Innovation Summit: Hong Kong

“2016 was an action-packed year for digital marketing: the last quarter of the year saw mobile web browsing overtakes desktop for the first time; brands large and small were looking to create video content to be shared across social channels etc. Some of the trends are expected to grow even quicker in 2017. The Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit, hosted by Innovation Enterprise, aims to explore the emerging trends in 2017 and tackle organization challenges within digital marketing via content-led presentations, interactive panel discussions and Ice-Breaking networking sessions.”

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