After everyone got swarmed by a new tremendous tendency of influencer marketing not so long ago, the supersensuous relationships between brands, ad agencies and their beloved new social media stars – influencers suddenly got soured.


Why and how too big investments bumbled non-existent storyteller’s ability to scale branded content

Social media executives say that brands put too much money and started to do it rapidly. They let influencers feel their weight in entire ecosystem and that is how storytellers made their 500$ for showing up and posting photos in 1.500$ and after in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today influencers do not think about art and value their actions bring. They are looking for bailouts.

However, the most edgy question stays unsolved, no-one knows how influencers activity should be estimated. In fact there is no exact price. And neither brands nor influencers themselves have the idea what money it should be.


In 2014 for 30-40 images they used to earn about 800$ and that is without cost of products which for brand’s expenses would make it in 2.000$ or even more just for two or three-weeks-content and shooting.

Today companies are ready to pay about 4.000$ for 50 fully edited images but influencers who are seemed to be overestimated during these two years do not understand budgets and hit for 100,000$ imagining themselves traveling all over the world in a new convertible mustang. And at the same time big enough YouTube of Facebook stars easily can get from 300,000$ to 500,000$ without even sharing rights on the content with the brand.


Where do we find them

Taking into account that social networks have the outlook recalling for a big spaghetti mass we all use some keywords or friend’s pins and accounts to find in the database someone or something valuable for us. Some social media execs note that usually it’s a CEO or whoever saying: “Oh, my kid likes this guy”, – and that is how they find influencers for whom they pay thousand of dollars for some photos.

Sure, there is an immense amount of raising influencers agencies which have a certain value. Nevertheless they still do not works as a traditional talent management company. They cannot guarantee that their raising stars in social media field will not fail with the delivery or something else.

Another problem is that ecosystem is overflowed with storytelling and narrative sophisticated content. Influencers raising their blue-sky prices as their audience is tired of the constant ad it is being fed with. But what is more important there is no exact difference. Their posts may have millions of sharers and likes but they still cannot make their followers to buy products they spotlight.

Executives forecast influencers disappear in future as far as brands realize that the amount of their followers and like rates do not change anything and bring no more value. Content creators wont be reliably no more. Influencer marketing is mostly becoming based on storyteller’s relationships with friends on the net. Someone knows someone on Instagram and through it he gets to someone’s Vimeo or YouTube channel – that is how to works.


What do we do?

influencer Marketing

Whether the brand works with A-level celebrities or really big Youtubers, it’s important to hot up their authenticity of their content. They should know and feel their audience better then anyone else.

Firstly, trying to put yourself on the consumer place and to find out why he should care is alway a good start. Secondly, checking the content on the subject of being inspiring, funny, reliable and emotional will serve the brand as well. Another thing is better to give up – spending money on stuff no-one ever see.

The real goal is to find fans where they are naturally placed: on social. Finding a horizontal operator who will serve the content end-to-end and post in everywhere from Vines to Instagram can shorten the amount of work and expense. Last but not least advice is to be compliant as it’s possible with FTC regulations for branded influencer content.
All in all despite being popular, surpassing everyone on the buzz influencer marketing seems not to be a sustainable model and the first cracks in its foundation have already leaded to started shakeout.

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