We are all born different. Sometimes our body fails, and the disease seems to take complete control of our existence. People from the list below show by their example that even with such autoimmune disease as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) one can continue to lead a full, productive and happy life.

Colitis Ninja

Three years ago, Amber received a diagnosis UC (Ulcerative Colitis), which, she said, made of her «a miserable and broken…with absolutely no energy and no hope of leading a normal life». However, the girl did not succumb to feelings of helplessness, becoming a fighter for her life. Well, literally ninja. Сolitis Ninja. It all started with sketching for therapy, but led to a circle of like-minded people whose mission is to support and inspire everyone who passes through the torments of this disease.

We need to show the world what it’s like to live with these wretched diseases. They aren’t just  “poop diseases.” People with IBD are in a daily battle, yet they go through life attempting to be “normal.”

Amber turned her personal battle into helping others. She writes constantly for CrohnsDisease.com and Girls With Guts. She is involved in the activities of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America and the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, raising awareness and education in the intricacies of the IBD disease. In addition, Amber is a Health Activist that helps CureClick to educate the general public about important clinical trials.

Dan Sharp

Dan Sharp goes hand in hand with his diagnosis (Crohn’s disease) for more than 20 years. Having found out about this being a child and having gone through the whole thorny path, today Dan coordinates summer camps for the children in the same conditions.

It was a very difficult and painful journey to my eventual diagnosis, with many tests, procedures, late-night ER trips, and theories from various specialists, before discovering the true cause of my suffering.

In addition, he conducts events around the world, sharing his experience and raising awareness about the disease among the general public, working as a consultant in IBD centers in the US and abroad. Dan believes that an important issue is “the gap between physicians’ knowledge and patients’ experience.”, so he is involved in activities by IBD Social Circle that tries to change this situation.

Eric from Veganostomy

Sometimes we need not only someone to say that we are strong and  will overcome it, but also someone to understand all the hardships in the process and say that it sucks.

On his website, Eric from Canada shared all the obstacles and challenges that he has experienced in the last 9 years. This person literally went through hell until he got the right treatment.

Eric founded the site, because he himself suffered in due time from the lack of necessary information or an abundance of disinformation. Now he shares his personal experience. He describes in detail everything that concerns his diet and nutrition, as well as the consequences of ostomy.

My goal has always been to inspire and support all ostomates and people living with IBD through their journey regardless of their lifestyle, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Kelly on the run // #purpleproject

Driven by the same lack of information as Eric, Kelly founded #purpleproject.

If there was one thing that i would be “expect the unexpected!”

Since college, Kelly has lived with two diseases at once. Nevertheless, this did not prevent her from obtaining two degrees at once. Also, this did not stop her from participating in marathons, despite the restrictions on training that her illness brings. She did much of what “many with Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis never dream of doing.”

From other activists Kelly is distinguished by the fact that she helps not only with the word, but also with the deed.  In the framework of her project “Kelly on the run” each of her races brings funds to find a cure for the IBD disease.

I’m raising money along my journey to find a cure just by using my iPhone!

Despite the fact that due to complications with health Kelly was forced to interrupt her races in 2015, she did not abandon her goal and is still conducting fundraising campaigns.

The irony of being an advocate of illnesses that may or may not be obvious at times & living with an illness others may think is mortifying to talk about…is when you struggle the most being your own advocate.»

The Great Bowel Movement

The Great Bowel Movement created special merchandising products like T-shirts dedicated to the IBD disease.

According to the creators of this campaign, these attributes will help people to accept their illness. Having put on this T-shirt, you state that you are not ashamed of your illness, ready to talk about it and act as an example for people like you.

Like many IBD advocates, the members of the movement strive to raise public awareness about the disease. That is why they create resources, as well as an appeal to invite conversations about IBD and Ostomy.

By bringing patients’ stories to light and spreading knowledge of the IBD experience, we are all able to become “Poster Children” for our diseases, and spread awareness through telling our personal stories, educating others, and showing confidence despite chronic illness.

Sara Ringer

Sara lives with two diseases that complicate her life (one of them is Crohn’s disease). But this is not the end of her challenges. She spends a lot of time in the hospital. Perhaps, she has another illness, and doctors are talking about the liver transplant.

Nevertheless, living a life full of diseases acronyms Sara devoted the last 8 years of her life to helping and educating  those who suffer from these diseases. It involves not only her website, but also unexpectedly funny and inspiring video content about her hospital routine.

My goal was to not only share my experiences as a patient in order for other patients to feel like they had someone who understood, but also to provide accurate, quality information in an easy to understand way about the conditions I live with.

Thaila Skye

Thaila is in remission from Crohn’s disease. She shares the desire of the army of activists to raise awareness about their illness. But Thaila uses for this quite unusual channels. In 2015 she became part of the series by Joseph Gordon-Lewitt hitRECord on TV, where she succeeded in ” spreading that message further afield ”.
In addition, if you have ever seen a hashtag #Ostomonday, then know that this is the work of Thaila. This is part of her project, in which every Monday she uploads a video on YouTube or raises a discussion on Twitter to break down prejudices and stereotypes about the ostomy.

Colitis and Me

Victoria Marie founded Colitis and Me as a place to speak about her illness. It became her diary where you can follow ‘’the human side of Inflammatory Bowel Disease’’. Victoria became part of  #GetYourBellyOut campaign for Crohn’s and Colitis UK.
”There are over 5 million people worldwide who suffer every single day. Unlike the flu it is an illness which is with us every second of every day and is involved in every choice we make”.
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