There are a lot of activists who are doing their bit in world changing by working with local societies daily. But can you imagine what could happen if all the changemakers get together? We will show you: here is the list of 8 forums devoted to human rights where people unite all their efforts to improve the lives of minorities.


Oslo Freedom Forum

Nothern European countries are the world leaders in quality of life raitings.So, it is quite essential, that one of the most attractive forums on freedom and equality is held in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Oslo Freedom Forum is a network of passionate advocates that was created to promote human rights globally. From Western tech experts promoting free expression  to political dissidents living under totalitarian regimes in North Korea or Cuba, their members are dedicated to finding innovative ways to expand human freedom and to advance the law. The upcoming Oslo Freedom Forum will be held in New Yourk on September 19th. Speakers will include HRF chairman Garry Kasparov, Saudi women’s rights activist Manal al-Sharif, Russian civil society organizer Vladimir Kara-Murza, Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef and other world influencers.


Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy

Annualy, on the eve of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s main session, the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy  takes place.The summit is sponsored by a coalition of 25 human rights non-govermental organizations from around the world. Human rights activists, ex-sex slaves, terrorism victims and former political prisoners from China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Venezuela and other countries testify about their personal struggles for human rights, democracy and freedom, and join hands to plan action strategies.

World Forum for Democracy

World Forum for Democracy is an interactive platform for young people organized by Council of Europe. The format of the forum is innovative and diverse: it includes special labs to discus the agenda such as “Is hybrid democracy more inclusive?”, “Fact checking: is it worth the effort?”, “ArtiVism against populism”, “Can democracy survive public service media?” and others. Also the forum has Incubator for participatory democracy: Its purpose is to connect city governments in Europe and beyond with democracy innovators through digital methods and offline. The 2017 World Forum for Democracy that will be held on 8-10th of November in Strasbourg, will focus on the role of political parties and media in the context of rising populism.

Social Good Summit

One more summit that is held during the  United Nations General Assembly week is Social Good Summit. It is a two-day conference examining the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives around the world. The summit unites digital activists, global sitizens and thought leaders around a theme #2030NOW. The participants explore and try to build the world we all want to live in by the year 2030 and to discuss the solutions to the greatest challeges of our time.


Understanding and Answering Summit on Human Rights

Canada traditionally occpies the top of the charts of the most tolerant countries. That’s why it is so attractive to the human rights activists worldwide. Understanding and Answering summit on Human Rights, supported by Ravi Zacharias International Ministers annually discusses problems of human rights in terms of religion. During discussion, the participants are aming to answer such a philosophical questions as: “Can We Have Justice Without God?”, “Sexuality and Gender: Who’s Right Is It, Anyway?”, “Is God Sexist?”, “Making Sense of Tolerance, Freedom of Expression and Inclusivity” an other.  As part of the Summit experience, the tour of the unique Human Rights Museum is included.


International Conference on Human Rights Education

One more attractive event in Canada is International Conference on Human Rights Education. This is an event for practitioners, policy-makers and academics to explore innovative education solutions to global issues and challenges. The conference provides opportunities to share rights-based education experiences and practical human rights education tools. It creates spaces where participants can explore how human rights educatin can build more peaceful and equitable communities and provide effective solutions to current national and global challenges related to diversity, inclusion, violence and extremism.


The Global Human Rights Forum

 A special thing about the following forum is that all the members of the team have experienced discrimination and have fought against it personally and professionally through activism. The Global Human Righths Forum is based in Belgrad, Serbia. It engages human rights advocates, entrepreneurs and leaders from 15 countries. Participants from more than 25 countries in four continents met in order to share their stories and discover ways to promote freedom and set free the pure human potential across the world.The Global Human Rights Forum is a series of transformative conferences designed to influence a shift of paradigm of human rights as something divided into slices by privileged individuals and groups. The team started this project believing that all people have the fundamental right to participate, enjoy and develop in a safe and inclusive environment. The upcoming 3rd forum will be held on October 2017 and the topic to discuss will be “Tearing Down the Walls of Stigma”.


One more leading global forum where human rights in the digital age are in focus, is RightsCon.The first RightsCon took place in Silicon Valley in 2011 and the tickets were sold out really fast. The last one, RightsCon Brussels took place on March 29 – 31, 2017, and was the largest and most impactful event. With 1500 participants from 105 countries and 700+ organizations, the RightsCon community came face to face with European decision makers, impacting policies and practices that will leave a lasting impact on global human rights.The next destination is Toronto: in 2018 such topics as smart cities, privacy and data protection, freedom of expression and internet shutdowns, diversity and digital inclusion, hate speech and content filtering will be discussed. Don’t miss!

Wanna experience how our planet becoming a better place right in front of your eyes? Wanna feel how people’s minds are changing? Just visit one of the forums and do your bit in building a fair society

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