Today no one can ignore an intense growth of video content impact on markets in media sphere, and Huffington Post became one of those publishers who’s already started to work with video and VR content to attract audience.

This spring Huffington Post decided to produce more positive content and launched Rise, a new vertical highlighting wellness and life solutions content. At the beginning there were no breaking news, just some short videos from celebrities and tech professionals, which covered health problems content and the question of minimum and living wage.


Huffington Post 360 video


Good news on Facebook beat YouTube

Every day Huffington Post published Rise 3-4 videos for Facebook. As latest HuffPost research showed that good-news get more involvement on Facebook. The publisher has compared its usual Facebook page and Rise videos for Facebook and revealed that Rise earned at least 4 time more views and 3 time more likes and doubled amount of comments.

And its video about one of the largest ocean cleanup on Facebook gathered 56 million views meanwhile on YouTube it got only 11,000 views.

Facebook became a truly valuable and attractive platform for HuffPost. Since it started video production for Facebook Live, the publisher managed to gain 15,000 interactions for 17 videos. They tried to put reporters in front of the camera but find out that interviews with celebrities like AKON and Jo Frost< who gives advice towards bringing up children, get more attention and regard among the viewers.

Realized the value of video and virtual reality content, Huffington Post built a seven-person team responsible for video. And according to the publisher’s insights, its Facebook short-video content on average gets about 70 million views in a month.

Huffington Post 360 video


«We’re talking about video from every aspect — short-form Facebook Live and Snapchat, all the way to series that take a longer time to produce but really add value to people’s life. I’m a big believer in 360-degree video and virtual reality, and also in series that are true to our DNA of connecting with people,» – says Arianna Huffington, HuffPost president.


Let’s turn to numbers

After Huffington Post purchased it’s own VR production house named Ryot, it intensively started to explore 360-degree videos and its possible usage in breaking news issues. The publishers handful on anti-Brexit movement in London this June has already got 19,000 views. However, Stephen Hull, editor-in-chief, admits that there are still some difficult moments in execution.

«We managed to put this video up quickly, but it was a very intense process. How we do it to scale with a quality that will make people share it is what we’re still working out,» – says Hull.

According to comScore, the publisher has growth its UK readership to 10.7 million monthly users and the edit team now consists of 40 professionals in comparison with amount of seven which previously appeared.

Even the Rise videos are being produced by the team of 15 producers and editors, who all have expertise in Facebook content creation and audience development. Nevertheless, Hull says that building a team is still a challenge for the company:

«Probably the biggest challenge we and the industry face is developing journalists who can write great stories into video producers».


How it goes with Snapchat

Huffington Post video content was decided in 3 categories: quick takes for the news, such as 40-second video reaction for Farage resignation, one-minute explainers, as the explanation of why Boris Johnson rejected running for the Conservative leadership, and finally original reports like interviews with victims of post-Brexit racism.

And this is not the end of HuffPost movements in terms to take it all of video-content. Not so long ago the publisher has launched 24-hours Snapchat Discover Channel. In fact HuffPost does not collaborate with Discover, but during several month it was posting videos on Snapchat which easily fit Discover coverage. By the way, Snapchat was also used by political team to post Europe rally, which had 30,000 views.

Snapchat is another perspective platform to collaborate with but HuffPost is still waiting for more detailed issues from this new drawing media giant. And while users are waiting for Huffington Post movement for Snapchat format, the publisher believes that readers must be provided with all formats of content.

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