Launching a start-up is not an unusual things nowadays – every second person lives their dream of being an entrepreneur. But what’s most challenging about developing your own business and making it become a renowned one is the transparent and consistent brand image that would create trust between you and your customers.

Jessica Alba seems to know pretty much about transparency – her Honest Company start-up has recently launched their first brand campaign, talking truthful things about company’s values and reaching most important moments of customers’ lives as parents.


Honest Goods For Everyone

"Honest Moments" Campaign Discusses Childbirth and Parenthood Matters

The idea to create Honest Co. came to Jessica when she was pregnant with her first child – that moment, she felt the need to provide other families with healthy and quality products for their children and household. Since 2011, Jessica and Christopher Gavigan, co-founder and chief product officer, are selling non-toxic and eco-friendly products for families and homes, with the aim of creating what’s better for everyone, everywhere.

"Honest Moments" Campaign Discusses Childbirth and Parenthood Matters

The “honesty” that company implies in its brand name is something more than just a word – it is rather a concept, constantly encouraged throughout employees, stakeholders, and customers. It is the matter of having integrated relationships and being authentic while creating childcare products. Honest company understands clearly how busy modern families are today, so their products are produced with highest standards of effectiveness in mind. They create something that speaks for itself – “Products that take care. Products that exceed expectations. Products guaranteed to not only satisfy, but also delight”, says Honest website.

“When I became a mom, I finally became the person I am, that I always should have been,” – says Alba. “It’s the most satisfying job in the world. But, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. I created The Honest Company to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start.”


Speaking Those Meaningful Moments

The idea for the campaign came accidentally to some members of Honest creative department, and was brought into life in only three days, with eleven 15-minutes spots being shot in two locations. The campaign reaches out to their customers about the moments of their lives, from the cries of a newborn and first toddler’s steps to child’s crafty tricks with food and seductive dishwashing. The people starring in the videos are no actors – instead, they are all real moms, many of whom were already part of the Honest community by the time company has reached out for them.

"Honest Moments" Campaign Discusses Childbirth and Parenthood Matters

According to Honest senior vice president of creative, Liz Elert, it took some time for the brand to evolve and finally come to a point where they were ready to release a thorough marketing campaign. The short spots reflect what Honest Company is all about and supports the strive to be a totally different lifestyle brand for families, while giving the customer a true insight into things that are meaningful.

"Honest Moments" Campaign Discusses Childbirth and Parenthood Matters

“It’s definitely genuine, it’s personal, these are real stories,”- claims Alba. “I’m not a corporation, I’m a person. So when we look to how we differ from our competitors, first of all, we’re tiny compared to them. The market value of our competitors is hundreds of billions of dollars. We’re not even close. But what we can do is be true to ourselves, speak directly to the customer. We know the customer because we are the customer. Doing the work in-house makes it that much more us, and it feels right, and it’s something no creative agency could come up with because no one knows us better than we do.”

The original music to the campaign was composed by, Alba’s co-worker at the “Planet of the Apps” show. While on set, Alba showed him the spots to hear some thoughts and opinions on campaign. Fortunately, not only loved the campaign idea and the spots, but even offered that he would create the music to them. “I said she should try to make a family of music for it. The temp music she had in place was a bit random, so I said if you can create a body of work, so it felt like a capsule collection, I’d love to come at it from that perspective. Then she said they didn’t have a lot of money. And I said, I don’t do things like this for money, I do it for feelings, for brushing up on my skills. We’re family, we’re working together, let’s create,” – he told the Fast Company.

"Honest Moments" Campaign Discusses Childbirth and Parenthood Matters


For Jessica and her soft and open-minded nature, being on the same wave with her employees is crucial. Although, as Alba says, she feels proud and hugely responsible when walking in into the headquarters office, she does not make her persona a typical CEO, separated from the rest of the people with transparent walls – her bright pink desk is right in the middle of all other employees’ desks, with a nice candle and family photos on it. She herself gets on the phone with customers, and with “dream of legacy”, written with sky blue on the manifest wall along with other inspirational sayings, Alba means – Honest Company is one that stands for health and beauty, and inspires people to think beyond the status quo.

"Honest Moments" Campaign Discusses Childbirth and Parenthood Matters

“I learned just how scrappy our team is, how much we lean on each other,” – she adds. “When I first set out to build a company, I always focused on the customer and the product, and whether the customer was getting the product and experience they needed to get. And now the most important thing feels like having the right team around you, that people feel fulfilled and fed, and valued. That’s an incredibly important part of having a company with goals to change the world.”

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