In order to develop own business, it is necessary from time to time refer to another’s experience. Therefore, if you suddenly want to open your personal digital media publication, first, read this story about Hollywood Life, the head of which is the editor-in-chief Bonnie Fuller.


Who Is Bonnie Fuller?

Bonnie Fuller is a true veteran of the media industry. She spent several years as an editor-in-chief of publications such as Flare, YM, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, US Weekly. In 2009, she abruptly changed her course, stepping down as editorial director of American Media – publisher of Star, Shape and Men’s Fitness – to float freely, taking under her wing a new, little known site called

Hollywood Life. Bonnie Fuller


The Idea Of Hollywood Life

The edition has been operating for seven years. During this time it has reached, according to Google Analytics, the number of monthly unique users – between 20 million and 35 million. The site has enjoyed a year-over-year growth of 14 percent in 2016. It now employs 30 people, who publish 650 posts weekly. But we wonder: how Bonnie Fuller was able to come to this, because Hollywood Life began work literally from nothing.

It all started with the audience. When you understand your target user, producing content becomes many times easier. Hollywood Life’s audience is 70 percent female and 70 percent of those are in the 18-to-34 age range, according to Bonnie. She has already worked with this group, producing teen magazines. That’s why there were no particular problems with the selection of materials for Hollywood Life. Bonnie knew very well what drives the young woman, what is her inspiration and what is her headship. «Hollywood Life was really conceived with the understanding that a young woman has a connection to celebrities and details aspects of her life to celebrities,» – said Bonnie.


Hollywood Life. Bonnie Fuller


She explained, that «young women have different aspects to lives». They make serious decisions about things from fashion, beauty and relationships to number of children they wanted looking at celebrities. Faced with this situation, we must be careful with the content selection. So Bonnie tries to share not only the gossip from the world of showbiz, but also really important and exciting things. «These young women have personal issues that make them interested in inspirational issues. It does not mean that because they are interested in celebrity news they’re not interested in news news,» – said Bonnie.

Success among the audience, Hollywood Life has taken by choosing the right platform for broadcasting. When digital sites started popping up, the young woman was migrating online. Despite the fear that the experience of a magazine will be an obstacle for the development of digital engagement, Bonnie clearly understand that today people are lying in bed not with a newspaper or magazine, but with their phones and laptops.


Content Strategy

Hollywood Life, as already noted, produces hard news as well as celebrity entertainment. However, their approach differs from the coverage of the same CNN, for example. «We have a more personalized way of talking. A more emotional way of talking. We’ll say “This is terrible.” We’ll put in an opinion». The dialogue with the reader, and the convergence with him – one of the work strategies in Hollywood Life. «We need to make ourselves more known. But we also want to grow our own connection to the readers we have and the readers that we continue to get. I think that it’s both things. We’re focusing on the quality of our relationship».

Hollywood Life. Bonnie Fuller

Web-based edition requires a special approach. Engaging various social networks can ensure greater brand awareness. In Hollywood Life there are no problems. They have 5.3 million likes on Facebook. Their success can also be explained by the investment of power in video content. «We’re investing in video heavily — we have three video producers and we try to put a video in most of our posts,» – said Bonnie.

There is no limit to perfection. Hollywood Life continues to look for ways to increase their public relations and audience. But with such chief editor and the ambitions they have a higher chance of success. The world of digital media offers a wide range of opportunities, ways of expression and presentation of information for everyone who is ready work hard.

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