If US presidential candidate had to pay for “ads” about them making by wags, they’d have to shell out a considerable amount. Even if it is Professor James Franco‘s spoof.


The best spin-off this fall

The presidential race has entered the homestretch but memes and parodies on all its members do not cease to surprise. Not just Trump is the center of all discussions. Hillary’s life story also gives a lot of reasons to scetch about.

When the account every vote, all means are good. Even those that you have not even expected. Perhaps that is so Clinton would have thought, seeing the 30-second spot spoofs Dos Equis’ famous Most Interesting Man in the World ads. Who else but the mustachioed James Franco will utter treasured words with a languid voice in the best way.

Below phrases from the first episode of MIW:

The smartest guy in the room is always her.
After she opens a can of whoop-ass, she always recycles the can.
Her Secret Service code name is Hermione, because she’s a f*cking wizard.
She is the Most Interesting Woman in the World.


Use politics right

Hillary Clinton Is The Most Interesting Woman In The World

Hillary Clinton Is The Most Interesting Woman In The World

Hillary Clinton Is The Most Interesting Woman In The World

Hillary Clinton Is The Most Interesting Woman In The World

Certainly this is not the most ideal advertising ever, but for the first time is not bad. The fine print says the ad was “paid for by womenvoteproject.org, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.” It is less commercial advertising, more a social  clip in the comedy wrapper. It’s funny that gender issues affect in this situation too.

And maybe now Hillary can be the next Colonel Sanders for KFC, if this whole president thing doesn’t work out. The basic idea is that Hillary as the image of all women can do everything, even impossible.In order to follow the new episodes of parodies go to shesthemostinterestingwoman.com (already three episodes). Here are memes with a young Hillary starring. Do not forget to share it on your pages in networks. Otherwise mustache Franco will be sad.

It is a controversial point if we can consider involvement of comic characters in social advertising something new. However, the fact that the spoofs with colorful heroes on the famous ad campaign work is definitely. Time will tell who will benefit more from this campaign, Hillary Clinton or womenvoteproject.

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