The most popular publisher in DC has discovered the new way of developing its content. How does ‘The Hill’ broad its audience and why the publisher has got all chances to become the best presidential race coverage reporter.


What all the fuss is about?

Today The Hill is the most popular publisher in US Capitol . This fact lets us consider The Hill as the most authoritative publisher of political news in America. So, being in such position obliges The Hill to take part in every significant movement in American political life. And what can be more significant than the presidential poll? Surely The Hill could not miss this great campaign and found the way to cover the presidential race in very surprising, creative and successful manner ‒ through SnapChat.

The Hill is not the first to use SnapChat in political topics. This application has already experienced it in its ‘Discover’ page , and many different companies has already gotten acquainted with SnapChat’s political potential in the context of developing their business. However, according to The Hill’s director of emerging platforms Taylor Lorenz nobody ever tried to produce quality content devoted to politics and civic engagement before.


How does The Hill apply SnapChat?

The presidential election is not the first experience. From Lorenz interview about SnapChat Memories function: ‘We try to focus on the larger world of politics and life in DC. We have several recurring series. One, called Capitol Cribs, for instance, offers Snapchat tours of lawmaker offices, another shows a peek inside life at different DC embassies’. (More information you can find here ). So, one of the main aims of The Hill is not only to show the inner life of the Capitol, but to make it interesting, appealing for people and to attract young audience, Millennials, to politics besides The Hill’s original readers in adulthood. SnapChat has become the most effective tool to realize this aims. This applies to presidential election campaign as well.

For example, The Hill covers such big events as Democratic and Republican National Conventions live, and its publications on thehilldotcom makes the big part of the official coverage generally. This makes youngsters interested about the poll, they start to make their own snaps on that theme. So that is how The Hill develops its content, broad its audience through SnapChat. And by doing it The Hill also makes young generation more involved in essential part of county’s life.


‘Small daily improvements are the key to staggering results’.

The results are pretty amazing. According to PR Newswire The Hill online pageviews has risen by 50 % in July! This fact provides The Hills not only the place among such leaders as Drudge Report and Politico, but moreover it can lead to its ‘victory’ in presidential race coverage.

Political pubiications trending on SimilarWeb

As Digiday writes The Hills account on SnapChat ‘publishes up to four stories and fields over 150 user chats every week’ and only last month its publications were viewed by users more than 15 million times! Another proof of The Hill’s prestige is that its publication becomes the subject for discussion on the authoritative TV Channels such as FOX News and media platforms where experts in both political and media spheres bese thei prognosis on the information reported by The Hill. An example of such discussion you can find here .


Tasty fruits of its hard work.

The Hill using SnapChat to develop its content demonstrates how brands can successfully work together benefiting each other. SnapChat has become The Hill’s tool of leveraging the platform and this publisher has raised the presidential election coverage to a new level of politics engagement with media. Whether this kind of interdependence is good, we will see. You can check out our previous articles to get to know some of our predictions about the future of media and politics connection here and here

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