The state of Colorado is granting $2.3 Million For Marijuana Health and Safety Research. Marijuana has been legalised there in 2012 and that year Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee was found to watch the public health impacts of cannabis use. Some entrepreneurs like High West Cannabis are also quite interested in spreading the awareness of marijuana use and not only on medical market, but also on commercial, recreational market.

Shift From Medical Market to Recreational One

According to the report by University of Denver’s Daniels College active marijuana business licenses in Colorado have set a new record of 2,913 of Dec. 1, 2016. Still the  the majority (54 percent) of active licenses are for medical marijuana use, but other categories – Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturing and Retail Marijuana Cultivation – are also growing up rapidly.

“When recreational marijuana was legalised in January 2014 there were 1,708 active licenses in Colorado so the state has experienced a 70 percent increase in licenses in just under two years,” says Seaborn. “While the total number of active licenses should exceed 3,000 during 2017, the long-term outlook is unclear. Some areas of Colorado such as Denver have introduced caps on the number of licenses, legalization in California and other states may impact Colorado and there is uncertainty over incoming federal government’s position on marijuana legalization.”

According to statics, American society is quite ready for wide marijuana legislation as they may see some undeniable profits that some states have after they legislated marijuana use. Like, the the report by Drug Policy Alliance shows that just after one year of marijuana retail sales Colorado has become number one growing state economy, marijuana arrests are down in 84%, property crimes reduced in 8.9%, $8 million are invested in public programmes for teenagers. So, it’s not surprising that there is a rapid growth in medical and recreational marijuana use.

High West Cannabis: Inside The Colorado Recreational Marijuana Market

High West Cannabis: Inside The Colorado Recreational Marijuana Market

The Struggles of Cannabis Start-Up

Bryan Surface and Steve Sutton are now the founders of successful High West Cannnabis. At the beginning of their cannabis start-up they of course had some troubles and obstacles like getting the licence and starting the cultivation process. Eventually, Surface, the founder and CEO of High West Cannabis, and Sutton, the EVP of Operations, obtained the licenses and opened the first store.

High West Cannabis: Inside The Colorado Recreational Marijuana Market

Before this project they were neighbours and they started to explore cannabis at home experimenting with the decent size growth. Sutton was a school science teacher and had a wide experience of growing cannabis as a side pastime. Thanks to him there won’t be any spider mites or mold at High West Cannabis as he plans to gut the entire warehouse.

High West Cannabis: Inside The Colorado Recreational Marijuana Market

Now when cannabis is only starting to conquer recreational market, High West Cannabis has a big goal to present this drug not only as a medicine but also as a lifestyle. For this they created a whole brand story.

The Idea Behind

High West Cannabis relates to the theme of cowboys and cowgirls. The project aims at bringing the feeling of confidence and excitement of opening new boundaries. “Our vision is to normalize cannabis as a way to relax – like cowboys and whiskey,” said Surface. Explaining their logo that refers to Rocky Mountain, Surface says: “The mountains here are a staple of Colorado and we want our customers to experience that through our handmade, original art and fresh cannabis.”

High West Cannabis: Inside The Colorado Recreational Marijuana Market

As you see these guys pay attention to the details and design. They cooperated with a an artist Elliott Kolbe from Nevada with a decidedly ‘wild west’ aesthetic. Now he specializes in mixed media and printmaking, but he admits that he doesn’t have a proper education, all he knows is what his grandmother taught him.

High West Cannabis wants to be close to its potential customers that’s why the cultivation centre and recreational shop is strategically located close to the Denver airport. It serves as a nice welcome for tourists who came to explore cannabis culture there. In future the company is aiming to provide tourist this experience as soon as they land – they want to team up with a transportation service to pick up people right from the airport

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