A shared, flexible work and meeting space where entrepreneurial women can create and collaborate in a professional, productive, spa-like environment – without any doubt it sounds like a perfect place to work in and that is why Felena Hanson created it.

This platform provides its members with connections to other business experts, access to educational workshops, and visibility within the community… thus giving them the support they need to be prosperous. This spa-inspired coworking space is different from others as it’s only for women and includes feminine touches such as soft lighting, fountains, candles, relaxing music, inspirational quotes on the walls and chair massages every Tuesday afternoon. Felena Hanson says that all of these things really resonate with women. Also, she adds that she created Hera Hub because she believed that women interact differently than men and are instinctively more collaborative in their approach to business. So these days Hera Hub supports hundreds of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits in over 16 industry segments.

Felena is a long-time entrepreneur and marketing maven. She has worked in different areas such as technology start-ups to digital marketing agencies, so now she has 20-year career. Some of her former clients include DirecTV, Epson, CNN, and Union Bank. Before becoming an entrepreneur she was Director of Marketing for a venture-backed San Diego internet company that sold to America Online in 2003.

Although, her way to her current success was difficult. In 1996, at the age of 22, when she was driving through an intersection in San Diego to meet friends, a fire truck smashed into her car. She broke 27 bones in her arms, legs, and face. She was in a wheelchair for about three months, and she was told she would never run again. “What a great wake-up call to really give you some perspective on life,” she says. As her long recovery started, Hanson vowed to herself to make an impact on the world. She got an M.B.A. and started her own marketing business. She took leadership positions with Women’s Global Network and Ladies Who Launch, two groups that aid women business owners. And then, about 8 years ago, as she looked around at her own home office, the light bulb went on. “Women, especially, crave community,” said Ms. Hanson, now 40. “You stick a woman in her spare bedroom, looking at a blank wall, talking to her cat for eight years – that was me — it’s hard to innovate, it’s hard to think about new ideas, and it’s hard to be creative in that environment”.

Felena came up with the idea for Hera Hub, a co-working space focused on women. She had seen shared workspaces, but she found that they targeted a demographic that was young, technology-oriented and decidedly male. As she describes, a lot of times it’s a bunch of dudes in skinny jeans with headphones and rock music playing in the background and it’s not quite – at this stage in her life – what she is looking for in a workspace. She decided to create a space for work that will have everything needed for women to work productively and at the same time in a comfortable way. She wrote up a business plan, drew inspiration for Hera Hub’s name from the Greek goddess Hera. Felena says that this goodness was known to be watchful and protected women through every stage of their life, so Hera Hub is there to guide, guard and inspire and create this safe space and launching platform for women to grow their businesses. Felena’s long-term goals are to open 200 Hera Hub locations, both in the United States and abroad, and to help as many women start and build businesses as it will be possible. “This really can tie back into my car accident,” she says “I knew I was here to do something more than marketing”.

Nowadays Hera Hub more than 400 active members all over the USA, they are confident that women-owned businesses are the key to the prosperity of the country. One of their goals is to build a strong community as they believe that a strong group of supportive women are vital to creating business success. They value flexibility and offer different options to work from home as well have access to professional space on an as-needed basis.

The Hera Hub community is comprised of hundreds of female entrepreneurs who support one another through collaboration, resources, referrals, feedback and mentoring. From this platform, new businesses have been spurred, funding secured and life-long friendships built. Hera Hub is much more than just a shared workspace –  It’s a great community of open-minded entrepreneurial women who connect and collaborate, who share resources and gain momentum for their business through the workshops and events of Hera Hub, thus giving them the support they need to prosper.

“One of our members described Hera Hub as a “flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem — a village pulsing with talent and heart.” This description paints an accurate picture of our community”.


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