“Her” is the social app for lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgender women that does more than find a date – it gives a community. The app is available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It’s not just about dates, here it’s also possible to read articles, find events specific to the queer female community.


From branding to technology

Robin Exton, the creator of “HER” was originally working in branding and marketing. But when she felt into working in tech, the app idea came and she started working on it. Firstly for fun and then it started turning into something a lot more than that. Now, the app has more than one million female users around the world. Robyn is based in San Francisco with five colleagues, while two other Her employees remain in London. Besides, she is a tech editor for Elle UK and part of the core team behind Geek Girl Meetup’s. It is a global community for women interested in tech, code, startups and design that aims to create new rolemodels, networks and active knowledge exchange; as you can imagine, we love this idea.

Robyn Exton. Her, Social App For Lesbians


The app idea

The reason to create the app came cause there were not relevant platform for the needs. The existed platforms were originally built for men and they didn’t help to have conversations or make friends. The app is made much more of a social experience for our users. Exton says, that a large percentage of the users are in a relationship, but use the app to find out what’s happening in the city, read LGBT content, and make friends in their area. For the first time we had to get more people into app – it took a lot of talking in clubs. And the biggest lesson was to be prepares to do everything whatever it will be needed.

The idea to set a community turned into Geek Girl Meetup. It was set up in UK: women were talking about what they had been working on in their companies. “It made us leave with this crazy energy and belief that we were going to kill it when we got back to work. So we decided to set up monthly meetups to keep hearing these stories and kept running the annual conference like the Swedish chapters run”, – said Robyn.

Robyn Exton. Her, Social App For Lesbians Robyn Exton. Her, Social App For Lesbians Robyn Exton. Her, Social App For Lesbians

Woman within the tech community

As the technology became one of the most fast-growing and exiting industries to work, it leads women to join it. But, of course, there’s always a lot of discussion about the gender disparity, which is absolutely present, with associated pros and cons; the con of the odd sexist remark opposed against the amazing support women can get in this industry. But the changes are inevitable. And the main advice from Robyn is: “Stop looking at what other people are doing and start thinking about what’s right for you. It’s so easy to follow the same path that everyone else is on.”

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