Here we are in hot pursuit of Gosha Rubchinckiy’s fashion show, held in Kaliningrad last week. And while the Web is filled with hot debates and contradictory comments, we are going to figure out what’s going on with fashion, who are the “gopniki” and how trends from the bottoms appeared on global runways.

Nowadays fashion happens on the streets, not on the runways. Thin, mostly bold and plain models replace perfect bodies with high cheekbones and neat stubble. Bookers are looking for “ordinary” types – the same we see around us every day.

Gosha Rubchinskiy is, probably, the only russian designer, who succeeded to push “true russian” trends outside the country. His clothes are worn by Kanye West, Rihanna, pop singer Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner. At VMA ceremony rapper ASAP Rocky was wearing an outfit by Rubchinskiy, including socks and accessories.

"Gopniki" By Gosha Rubchinskiy Or What`s Going On With Fashion

"Gopniki" By Gosha Rubchinskiy Or What`s Going On With Fashion


Turning hype fashion into high fashion

Over the past few years the attributes of the poorest appeared as the trends on the world podiums. Gosha Rubchinskiy, one of the most scandalous and famous russian designers, quickly caught on the trend and now sells his clothes at an average price of 250$ for a t-shirt, 500$ for pants and 670$ for a jacket. Those, who could have worn such clothes on daily basis can`t afford it. However, his pieces are willingly bought by the community of boys and girls, obsessed with the 90-s.

"Gopniki" By Gosha Rubchinskiy Or What`s Going On With Fashion

"Gopniki" By Gosha Rubchinskiy Or What`s Going On With Fashion

Gosha Rubchinskiy finds his inspiration in youngsters from suburbs. Their influence resulted in his latest collection, which is based on the gopniks` style. His new collection, presented in Kaliningrad, is a collaboration with Adidas Football. Despite the fact that overall the show was a total success, the public reaction is controversial. A lot of fashion experts, as well as the Internet users are shocked. The models look exactly like “gopniki”!

Surely you are not familiar with gopniks – naughty russian boys from suburbs, whose style was displayed in Rubchinskiy`s new collection. So, let`s clear up the things.


Gopniki: the authorities of suburbs

According to dictionaries, “gopniki” are the street hooligans. The key feature of this culture is its ultimate popularity across the country: it involves youngsters from big city as well as from small towns. They hang out in groups, sit on squats, drink beer from transparent plastic cups and gnaw their favourite delight – sunflower seeds. Slang and violent language complement their cocky behavior.

"Gopniki" By Gosha Rubchinskiy Or What`s Going On With FashionGopniks` subculture flourished in late 90-s and early 2000-s. However, nowadays gopniki still exist along with their rules, habits and, of course, fashion. In some way this is something more than just a streetstyle – it’s a lifestyle of many young people from mostly low-income families.


Tracksuit, shoes & white socks

The style is what makes these people a distinguished group. Every gopnik’s must-have is a sports costume or a tracksuit with white stripes. They wear it with sneakers or classic pointy shoes. This fashionable outfit then spiced up with white socks, a cap and shaved head style. In winter gopniki add black leather jacket above the tracksuit to stay warm.

"Gopniki" By Gosha Rubchinskiy Or What`s Going On With FashionThey love sport brands, such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, but can’t afford it. Gopniki buy outfits at the market, not in luxurious boutiques. Cheap sports wear, mostly of Chinese origin, are challenging traditional fashion rules. Their style openly contradicts with the words “classy”, “intelligent” and “tidy”. Many people find their style tasteless.

Because of white stripes on pants and sneakers, Adidas brand is associated with this style. However, Adidas doesn’t really mind: this stereotype increases brand awareness among russian consumers and strengthens the brand’s position in clothing market.

"Gopniki" By Gosha Rubchinskiy Or What`s Going On With Fashion

No wonder why the audience found the similarities between Rubchinskiy`s & Adidas collab and gopniks` style. Tracksuits, low-quality materials, shaved heads and strange combinations resemble gopniks so much, that it’s really hard to distinguish a model from a suburb hooligan.

Anyway, what’s going on with fashion after all? It becomes flexible, less discriminating. We’re witnessing the new fashion era, free from prejudice and barriers. More and more designers feel free to combine various styles, subcultures and materials in one daring look.

The society is not fully ready to accept strange fashion trends, because most of us are still under the influence of traditional fashion concepts. It`s up to you to decide, whether gopniks` style deserves to appear on the runway or it shouldn`t spread further the russian courtyards. But Gosha Rubchinskiy doesn`t care. He takes ideas from the bottom and brings them to the top.

"Gopniki" By Gosha Rubchinskiy Or What`s Going On With Fashion


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