Have you ever thought about fully getting into VR life? Just imagine being able to watch YouTube or use Google Maps this way. Well, Google has decided to make this mind-blowing dream come true.


How is Google planning to do so?

To foresee the first doubts and questions, it should be noted that the initial steps have already been done. The Daydream, Google platform, is (almost) alive and looks forward to future development. When nowadays innovation is a hard thing come up with (especially when the audience is so picky), Google has created a special mandate to gently motivate other companies to bring back their founders’ flame (along with offering 6 figures numbers to the developers).

Although Daydream popularity among VR creative is a bit low now (only 14,6% of work is done for this platform versus 48,6% for HTC Vive), it still looks promising. From now on, Google is optimistic about gradually turning a fair bit of the content into VR. The only thing is that in company’s opinion the main changes should concern only Android users. Google has just allied with a new version of it, 7.0 or Nougat, that is going to be the base for future VR content. Thus, they are trying to overcome the main limitation other companies had before. As VR was mostly incompatible with the majority of devices (only 1% of PCs were ready for it),

Google has forced the new OS to include the features to potentially bring VR to users mobile phones without any investments. The ones who do not have Android 7.0 still can purchase the exclusive headset. While iOS have to sit tight for now, a lot of exciting things are waiting ahead, that’s for sure. We have spent some time on our blog entertaining the idea of VR content almost everywhere from TV series to Ads. And it is not the end.

Google Daydream VR

Google Daydream VR


So, what exactly Google is planning to introduce in VR? First of all, it teamed up with various YouTube stars along with such big brands as NYT, CNN, IMAX, Hulu, and Netflix. One can already imagine the scale of content that is going to be offered on the new platform. When we still are rather unaware of what exactly is going to happen or even how and when, lots of geeks are excited about the new beginnings, as it indeed is going to be epic.


What are the future perspectives?

When VR may not seem so exciting for the common audience, the perks are vivid. The content is going to get physically closer to the people. It is especially relevant for the advertising potential the platform has. As it has already been mentioned, the partnership with news companies implies not only transmitting the news but some other promotional content. Thus, we may expect the new outburst of creativity, and as a result, user experience transformation.


Google Daydream VR


Moreover, it can be a huge breakthrough for the video games lovers. Daydream creators demand something entirely new. One can expect the total change of gaming quite soon as Google is not satisfied with just transferring old-school stuff to the new dimension. It is especially fascinating as the platform actively works on physical interactions. Being active is encouraged by constant high-fiving pop-ups or ability to put on clothes on your fellow VR mates (although in case you cover their eyes, it can force them to take off the glasses, as the “take off” function is still a big problem).

To sum up, everyone is beyond excited about the new player on VR market. Although, there is some skepticism, only time will show the real winner. For now, Google’s investments and connections look promising and inspiring. Let’s see whether we are going to witness VR content ruling anytime soon.

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