The time when Snapchat was considered as an application for sharing photos and funny short videos, and reading publications, behind. In the summer there was talk that Snapchat wants to add to its Discover more TV-like content. Now this is not just another fiction to attract an audience. Snapchat now wants to get away from the stigma of «magazine rack», and get more TV shows.

Currently Snapchat is actively trying to get into the scope of app that prompts the user TV-like content. For this part of the rechristened Snap Inc., Snapchat is working with Hollywood talent agencies like CAA and WME. Snapchat is even included in the same “coverage update” that Hollywood agencies regularly send to clients. And, interestingly, it is really attractive and in demand.

It would seem, what content might be interesting for such platform like Snapchat? Probably, someone think of sketches, animations and rough-and-ready video clips. You are partially right, because in fact Snapchat is interested in everything. WME agency said Snapchat is looking for everything from competition / reality shows like “Survivor” to prank series like “Punk’d” and even animated and sketch comedy shows. Of course, the application needs small releases, from 2 to 6 minutes, but that is no reason to give up serious programs.

Snapchat. Hollywood content.


Of course, not every original series deal Snapchat intends to pursue through the agency in Hollywood. Studios or media companies have a real opportunity to sign contract with Snapchat on an individual basis and partnership. There is only one thing: talent agencies have the strong grip and they try just not to miss Snapchat from their coverage reports.

Snapchat’s plans on reorganization with respect to content production seem not well thought. The fact is that Snapchat and similar platforms – YouTube, Spotify and Go90 – who are also looking for original content similar to a TV, «are not building on decades of experience in the process». Although, it should be noted, they are able to quickly adapt and evolve to audience requests much faster.

The question arises in connection with all this: what is the scope of plans to Snapchat? «They have the ability to go big if they want to», – said an executive at one top Hollywood talent agency. So far, no one has published figures and plans for the budget, but Snapchat has already seen show pitches from $40,000 to $70,000 per episode. It’s Hollywood, baby. Do not think that only Snapchat spends on content update. For example, Spotify has stated desire to spend $20,000 to $200,000 per episode of an original short-form video series.

Snapchat has successfully attracted a younger audience to its exclusive TV-like content. In partnership with NBCUniversal the social app broadcasts in its own Discover shortened versions of hit TV shows, such as “The Voice” and E! News’ “The Rundown,” with original shows from “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Saturday Night Live”. You may also be interested in the fact that, according to Joanna Wells, vp of digital for MTV International, MTV intends debute three original Snapchat series for its international Discover channel this fall with six more in development.

Snapchat. Hollywood content.


Who could think that Snapchat, which in 2015 launched the Discover as a base for the online versions of the text-based publishers like Cosmo, The Daily Mail, National Geographic, and People, will be a TV-like network for a short-form vertical video series. «In our early discussions, it was presented essentially as a collection of magazines, hence the label ‘edition’», – said an executive at a Discover channel publisher, – «Publishers were category exclusive so Snapchat was essentially trying to curate the best magazine stand they could». Now even these journals publish new daily content streams, which included a mix of videos, articles and graphics. Interestingly, Snapchat did not pay any magazines that those publish their materials in Discover. On the contrary: many publications are willing to pay to get there. But to become a part of the world Snapchat, you need to be ready to post a minimum quantity of stories and have exclusive content.

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