As terrible tragedies and natural disasters occur around the world, people tend to give a helping hand to those in trouble. GoFundMe is a crowdfunding site designed to earn money for more personal and socially relevant causes. What makes it so different from others?


GoFundMe And Its Unique Approach

GoFundMe: A Crowdfunding Service Teaching Us Empathy

As a matter of fact, there are famous crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. However, their main goal was to create a space, where people would donate money for some relevant business projects and start-ups. GoFundMe is a totally different story.

In the summer of 2016, Louisiana was flooded with 7 trillion gallons of water from torrential rains. Consequently, this led to a lot of people’s houses just floating away! In the thick of this terrible event, GoFundMe became a little helper, that gave hope to the victims. There, a commercial fisherman from Edgewater, Maryland, Moses Wells started a crowdfunding campaign to help those who suffered with emergency supplies. By the end of 2016, the site has raised somewhere about 11,2$ million and it boosted the platform’s reputation.

Since then, GoFundMe has become the biggest crowdfunding platform on the planet, earning over 3$ billion since its launch in 2010. Being a commercial organization, it charges 5% of all the donations to campaigns. What strikes the most is the fact, that they pay attention to family problems, medical bills and personal issues.  Moreover, it’s not just about people asking for help, but about someone offering it voluntarily. Like that guy who decided to help Louisiana’s flood victims. This shouldn’t have been the only case. Thus, major news events like that became a perfect booster for GoFundMe’s popularity.


Company’s Values

GoFundMe: A Crowdfunding Service Teaching Us EmpathySurely, we are living in the age of egoism and hypocrisy. Instagram glam life and Twitter banter make people very ego-centric. Hence, GoFundMe stands for something quite unusual in the 21st century – compassion and neighborhood. Even after having become a fundraising behemoth, they are still true to their principle of humans helping humans.

In order to make the work of their website more fair, they have deleted the “Like” option from their pages. Furthermore, it appeared to work well. Previously, likes were just an easy way out for someone who wanted to feel like he/she has contributed to something. Now, you either have to donate or to share the campaign via Facebook or Twitter. Thus, it worked as a perfect promotion tool, making a simple Facebook repost worth 100$. Of course, it might sound strange, but in the end it proves to be extraordinarily efficient.

By the way, some campaigns might seem quite strange (even though they have the right to be):

GoFundMe: A Crowdfunding Service Teaching Us Empathy. Kanye GoFundMe: A Crowdfunding Service Teaching Us Empathy


The Working Scheme

GoFundMe: A Crowdfunding Service Teaching Us Empathy

Each and every day, there is an important campaign waiting to be funded. GoFundMe’s goal is to make it known to people, so that it attained the goals it had set. According to Dan Pfeiffer, the company’s communications and policy chief, they try to distribute content as far as possible. And the best content appears when the strangers start giving to each other, when someone’s in need. When the story appears, it gets viral through sources like NBC’s Today, USA Today and digital media mammoths like Buzzfeed. Constantly, Pfeiffer and his team make everything possible to keep those stories relevant.

Surely, surrounding political climate might change the rules of the game for GoFundMe. The site’s idea of free exchange of help in any questions might end up in danger. Nevertheless, people will hopefully always be willing to help each other in those issues, because it is always relevant. We all encounter some difficulties, so there’s no need to ponder about whether you need to help someone or not. Just do it, why not? This is what GoFundMe stands for, and by now, it proves to be needed.

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