We are sure you have already heard about fashion models and fitness models. But how about weed models? It turns out that not only beautiful faces and healthy eating habits make women sexy. Provocative #ganjagirls know one more thing that turns an ordinary girl into instagram model with thousands of followers. Can you guess, which one? Today are going to figure this out. Get ready to discover more about the most popular girls of cannabis community.

Erotic world of weed

Hashtag #ganjagirls features more than a million pictures of women posing with weed or smoking it. Some of the girls post naked photos with marijuana leaves on their nipples, while others promote their own cannabis products: edibles, bongs and other glassware.

These girls know everything about getting high. Moreover, on most of the pictures  #ganjagirls are doing that exact thing, trying to look seductive at the same time. They call themselves “weed/cannabis models” and their mission is to connect weed with sexuality in one shot . Let`s be honest: when one thinks of weed, sexuality is the last word that pops into the head. But the weed models prove the contrary.


Clara Barber – empowering business woman and mom

Last year Clara posted her first cannabis post on instagram. She says, her pictures are something personal and filled with sense. Clara showcases weed, because she believes that it is a beautiful way to show her passion for that industry and empower other people at the same time. She wants to have an effect: to have a fun life and escape from being categorised, “put into the box”. Being sexy is a part of her personality. Clara doesn`t promote weed and sex – she takes such photos in order to express herself.

Now she has two five-year-old kids, business and medical receipt for cannabis. She smokes weed every day. Smokes for anxiety, for her bones and for a good mood. So for her cannabis is not only a key to popularity, but to well-being and productivity.


Sarah Jain – Cannabis Cover Girl

Sarah Jain started smoking weed since she was 11. However, by that time she also had an experience of holding a joint – her dad and his friends were kind of funny guys. Now 33 years old Cannabis Cover Girl (as she calls herself) can`t imagine her life without weed, as it not only brings her pleasure, but high income as well. “Cannabis stuff has come to be about half of my income now”, – Sarah admits.

She launched her weed-modeling career 10 years ago. Jain lost her job and felt depressed. Her life needed some changes. At that time cannabis modeling did not exist. Although, erotic modeling did. So, Sarah posed with fetish stuff and weed. California liked the combination of woman and weed, so since then her career barely took off.  Sarah regularly gets strange comments and requests to send nude photos. But she doesn`t mind – her career has a lot of advantages: free wees and hash, for example.



Makena Pederson – weed smoker from Maui

Being a daughter of a photographer, Makena Pederson quickly got into weed modeling – from that very time as she started smoking. She`s always been in front of a camera, so she felt comfortable with demonstrating her new obsession. Makena says, that the weed is not sexy itslef. Nevertheless, she thinks that cannabis can make a person feel sexy and confident (even a little amount of it).

Pederson is not afraid of judgements and bad reputation. She likes what she`s doing and is planning to carry on posing with weed.

Overall, it`s up to you to decide, whether cannabis can be sexy itself or it only creates the illusion of being sexy.

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