It is not enough to say how greatly good design impacts your business. But what we can expect in the near future of the design industry seems to be hidden behind the curtains. However, we can still hold some expectations regarding it based on the rapid growth of technologies.


Why creativity and business are “symbiotic”

If you want to nail your business, don’t forget about design. If you don’t know how to present your ideas in a good light, no one will ever give a damn about them.

For instance, look at the T Studio Brand’s marketing strategies that always evolve around establishing good and credible design. And since creativity is an inevitable element of being a good designer, fostering creativity in your company can fire your business up in all great ways.

According to research conducted by Abode, brands that encourage creativity get to enjoy 1.5 times greater market share. Moreover, companies that generously support design have outperformed the S&P index by more than 200% over the last ten years!

Another research has found that 68% of people trust businesses with well-designed websites more, and 94% state that poor design is one of the main reasons that they turn down a brand and go to its competitors.


Reasons we should not be terrified by the grandiosity of the design future


The ideas and perception of design are rapidly changing due to invention of the new technologies like 3D printer, but that should not be spooky for businesses and future designers. Fortunately, a bunch of design experts and professional recently shared their opinions on the development of design within the next 10 years. Here’re the main takeaways.

  • 3D printing will grow and grow

Daniel Aristizábal, Columbian Illustrator, says that tangible work can really enrich your business. Everything is going to be in the hands of 3D printers, from printing shoes to silverware. Furthermore, Georgianna Stout, Founding Partner and Creative Director at 2×4, believes that 3D printing will bring many challenges and opportunities for talented designers.

  • Designers will become great friends with tech specialists

Cees de Bont, Dean of School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, states that design students should be trained in different aspects of their subject and then partnered with business and tech students to complete the picture.

  • It will be not enough just to have good creative skills

Mona Patel, CEO and Founder at Motivate Design, believes that designers will have to broaden their skills. It is not only about having a good design, but also about being a good storyteller to negotiate with others.

  • Data will control design

Mark Rolston, Founder and Chief Creative at Argodesign, believes that data will have a great impact on the success of design. Artificial intelligence will basically define the work of designers. For instance, when a person comes in their house, a smart home sensor recognizes them and lets them in, what lights should be turning on when the person is entering the hallway of their house?

  • Entrepreneurial designers will rock

Shana Dressler, Executive Director of 30 Weeks, believes that three elements of success are “great idea, great execution, and great design.” So, if designers manage to contribute directly to the profits of the company, they will be granted more power and responsibility within the business.


So, what do we do now


There is some other stuff that the future of design is preparing for us. For instance, the demand for designers will grow significantly and the border between design and business will become thinner. Silicon Valley is currently competing for the best designers, and we should probably wait and see what other outbreaks may happen in this industry.

But, anyways, considering how much power design holds today, it should be no surprise for us to expect the rapid and impactful growth of it in the nearest future.

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