Fox News, American news channel that has been around for almost 20 years, got ranked as one of the most engaging news pages on Facebook. Why don’t we discuss why and how the Fox News boosted the popularity of their Facebook Fan Page and what posts got the most feedback.


Why Facebook is always ahead of the game

Facebook. Social Advertising

From CNN to Fox News, Facebook is everywhere. Needless to say that all of the brands that ever hit the success button during the period of their existence launch and constantly maintain their Facebook fan pages. Let’s look at some of the numbers from Facebook stats and the platform’s impact on brands’ reputation.

According to Zephoria, there are over 1.65 billion monthly users of Facebook, and that freaking number goes up by 15% every year! 42% of marketers say that Facebook is really-really important to the success of their businesses.

In addition, one of the Forbes articles states that Facebook is kicking everyone else’s asses by generating insanely high web traffic in contrast to other social media platforms. For instance, in 2014, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube drove around 31% of traffic all together, while Facebook managed to drive 25% alone!

Finally, Facebook remains one of the most frequently used platform for all age ranges! No wonder, why companies are obsessed with promoting their products on this social media platform.

Let’s hold the horses on discussing general stats numbers of Facebook, and find out the roots of the Fox News’ success on that platform.


How Fox News gets all attention on Facebook



Fox News hits the top ranks of the most popular news channels on Facebook. According to the Digiday, as of now, Fox News Facebook page has almost 120 million likes, comments, and shares.

Even Mark Zuckerberg states in one of his posts that none of the other news channels drove as much interaction and engagement as the Fox News did this year.

Social news analytics companies such as CrowdTangle and Newswhip placed Fox Newson in the top ranking based on the data of people’s engagement and communication on the fan page. According to the social media data, Fox News’ interaction rate is 0.16 versus average 0.12 rate of other top news outlets.

Jason Enrich, Vice President of social media on Fox News, states that engagement rate is one of the most significant metrics and genuinely equals to earned media.


What posts make Fox News sparkle

Videos are getting and will be getting the most engagement on Facebook. Most of the top Fox News posts are videos. Enrich states that visuals are very important, and as long as he and his team can find a story that fits the brand’s ideas and make a video or an image out of it, they are ahead of everyone else.

Besides well-created content, Fox News is beating other brands up by posting much more than they do. To be more specific, Fox News makes around 36 posts per day on average, while other news channels are usually happy with 25 posts per day.

Thriving to experiment and try new techniques on social media, Fox news has even tried launching live videos. As Enrich says there is no particular type of content that is guaranteed to go viral. Well, it explains why Fox News is so eager to experiment and experience new methods on social media.

Over the last half of a year, there are two posts that really boosted engagement rates:

Fox News, the top ranked news outlet on Facebook, nailed the social media marketing due to its creativity, originality, and brand’s authenticity. Its careful creation of branded content bore real fruit and let the brand get a lot of people’s attention.

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