All of us have seen those crazy fanatics of food posting each of their meals on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. All of us have witnessed people’s obsession with food and their desire to demonstrate each and everyone what, where, and how they eat on the social media platforms. Food content is becoming more and more popular every year, and many companies and businesses didn’t hesitate to launch the projects to support and endorse social media food lovers.


Why did the food obsession get real?

Social media and food are becoming inseparable components of each other. 47% of millennials state that they use social media while eating. That would be totally fine knowing that young people absolutely can’t exist without their phones since they feel so obligated to update everyone on each second of their existence.

The thing is that instead of asking their grandma for a recipe of a lasagna soup or stir-fried beef with mushrooms, people have started to refer to social media platforms for recipes and cool ideas of meals. About 40% of people learn about various meals and recipes via social media, and 21% look up discounts, coupons, or deals on food.

Since food obsession gets real, many projects have been launched to target lovers of specific meals. Recently, Time Inc. introduced Extra Crispy that mainly focuses on breakfast, brunch and the culture around it. Extra Crispy is the second brand from Time Inc.’s lab, the Foundry.


Do people really care about bacon and scrambled eggs that much?

Extra Crispy's Campaign

Yes, they do.

According to Bustle, breakfast order sales hit $52 billion in 2015 and increased by more than 30% since 2009. People’s appetite keeps growing, and Extra Crispy is thriving to reflect it though digital media.

Extra Crispy features a minimum of Time Inc. branding and is projected to grow as an independent site. About 18 people will be setting the website up and controlling all the publications. They all come from very well-known brands that may or may not capture food topics: New York Times, Tasting Table, Yahoo!, Cooking Light, and so on.

Meredith Turits, editorial director, said that they want to feature unique experiences and the site is not meant to serve as a simple culinary cookbook. She also states that their choice of breakfast and brunch content is explained by the fact that dinners are already featured by hundreds of other digital sites, and lunch does not seem to bring any experience but mundane and dull exploration of the salad on the desk.

Extra Crispy features recipes, cooking tips, food trends, people’s experiences with different meals, and just funny and entertaining stories to read. All of their posts are full of delight, joy, and enjoyment that people experience while eating breakfast or brunch.

Moreover, Extra Crispy is searching for a bacon critic who would be appointed for 3 months in order to do the research on the best bacon in the United States. If you can’t leave without bacon a single day, you should definitely check it out!


What about bacon haters?


As mentioned before, the food content has become extremely popular. Other brands have launched a variety of projects dedicated to the topic of food. Here are the most successful ones that focus not only on breakfast but other meals/snacks/etc:

  • Chobani Greek Yogurt has created a website featuring recipes, creative ideas, and tips on how to stay fit.
  • Whole foods using their social media platforms to encourage people’s conversations around some of the products and give them advice what to buy with what. It is not about ads on any kind of wine, it is about what goes very-very well with wine.
  • TipHero mainly focuses on recipes and funny stories about food but also features some advice on health, beauty, and entertainment.
  • Epicurious offers more than 330,000 recipes for any kind of meal and features interesting blog articles.
  • Yummly provides the audience with seasonal meals, the most popular ones, and those that are easy and quick to cook.

Food became one of people’s obsessions widely displayed on the vast scopes of social media platforms; obsession, that the companies are excited to use for their benefit and the benefit of their customers. Food content has already conquered social media, and we can only wait and see what’s coming next!

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