Things change and these changes are not always positive. To stop negative changes people should join together and show their disagreement. To do so the protesters have to use one of the platforms that makes it easier to find co-thinkers and organize grassroots like the People Power, the Action Network or Fight for the Future.


Fight for the Future

The Fight for the Future is a non-profit organization that was founded by Holmes Wilson and Tiffiniy Cheng in October 2011 in the US to support sizable political and social changes. Its main goal is to ensure that freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom to use the Internet the way one wants will be respected. The Fight for the Future wants to keep online freedom and to protect users from electronic and non-electronic surveillance. The organization hopes to secure the world where everyone can access the Web cheaply, free of censorship and with full personal privacy. To make it happen the Fight for the Future creates different actions to mobilize people for a planned collective action that could influence the government policy.

The Fight for the Future works to build some technical campaigns that enable millions of people to consolidate their power and make historic changes that were considered impossible. It also turns some extemporaneous actions into a significant social movement. At the moment there are more than 10 people constantly working on the project to make important changes happen and ‘defend or improve some aspect of the world’. They build right strategies that should help to change the official strategy in the field of social protection and domestic and foreign policy. Today the platform is launching a campaign focused on passionate Active Teams (‘A-Team’) support. It offers $15,000 startup capital monthly to intensify anti-Trump post-election feeling by making a significant political change.

Since its foundation, the Fight for the Future counts some notable ‘social’ victories. In 2012 the company arranged the Reset the Net campaign to protect the privacy of Internet users and to repeal a ‘First Amendment’ for the Internet. In 2015 the organization stopped the game-changing passage of net neutrality rules, the so-called ‘Net Neutrality war’. Both actions militated against two most powerful organizations in the US: ‘the media and pharmaceutical lobbies (MPAA and PhRMA) on SOPA/PIPA, and then the cable and telecom lobby (NCTA) on Net Neutrality’. New projects are starting constantly and the most significant for today (after the ‘A-Team’ action) is the GetSafe Project which partly cooperates with the Protect Internet Privacy campaign which continues the ‘Personal Privacy War’ started in 2012. The Fight for the Future also runs a web protest Fight the TTP and supports an online social action Hugs For Chelsea.


GetSafe Project

The first critical app made by the Fight for the Future is called GetSafe . This is a security guide, a digital security tool created to help users to protect their personal information. First of all, the platform teaches one what to do to start securing the most private information like photos, banking info, emails and every message one has ever sent. ‘We lock the doors to our houses, but our whole lives are stored on our phones and computers. If we don’t lock down our devices, all of our personal information is easily accessed by stalkers, identity thieves, and even the government’, is written on the website. If all the information saved on our devices falls into the wrong hands, it can put us and people from our close environment in danger. The Fight for the Future project motivates people to care about their personal independence. Protecting the information might feel overwhelming but GetSafe makes it easier by walking its users through some basic security steps to increase the safety of the personal privacy significantly. To start the protection you have to answer some questions about your phone and laptop settings and how these devices are used. GetSafe will select desired settings for your device and start the protection program. To allow GetSafe to take care of your gadgets, you have to sign up for updates from Fight for the Future so the platform could help you stay safe.


Protect Internet Privacy

The next important action named Save Broadband Policy is an extension of the #DontBreakOurPhones action. The movement concerning only the smartphones security changed into a bigger grassroots process after the FCC passed landmark regulations that strengthen Internet privacy rights last year. Now, the US Congress voted to repeal old online privacy rules, allowing Internet providers to track and sell one’s personal data without the permission. To change this back the Fight for the Future ran a platform called where people can sign a petition to stop the adoption of this project. Otherwise, if Congress throws out the FCC rulings, not only browsing history or cookies but also geolocation data, financial info, passwords, health info, even Social Security Number will be available at least to the government observers.


Rock against the TPP

One of the large-scale actions powered by the Fight for the Future is conceived to stop the conclusion of the the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). According to the organization’s website, this pact is an anti-democratic deal that was concluded between 12 countries and was negotiated in complete secrecy by government officials. The TPP text has been finalized but the act itself wasn’t approved by the Congress. If it becomes a law which jeopardizes good-paying jobs, online freedom, free access to medicine, food safety, and the future of freedom of expression. The Fight for the Future started the Rock Against The TPP campaign to ‘sound the alarm about the toxic backroom deal that is the Trans-Pacific Partnership’. This campaign is a massive effort to protect people from anti-democratic changes. All around the US where will be large-scale educational events, protests, trainings, and rock concerts to ignite a movement to stop the TPP in its tracks. The first concerts are scheduled for the autumn, they will take place on October 7 in Boston, MA, on November 3 in Pittsburgh, PA, and on November 30 in Washington, DC.



The social movement is also supported by the Fight for the Future action. The massive action they maintain is the so-called #HugsForChelsea motion. Chelsea Manning, the US army soldier who became one of the most prominent whistleblowers of modern times by exposing the nature of warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, went on to pay the price with a 35-year military prison sentence. Chelsea has been systematically abused by the US government and has attempted suicide twice during her 7 years behind bars. But now there is a hope that she is to be freed in May as a gift from Barack Obama in his final days as president. People from all the United States ran an online action #HugsForChelsea: they are posting their photos with the arms outstretched to #HugsForChelsea to show their support. The Fight for the Future promotes this action by sharing this photos on their website.

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