A non-profit organization Fight for the Future is now launching a campaign focused on passionate Active Teams support. They offer $15,000 startup capital monthly to heighten post-election feeling by making a significant policy change.

The organization Fight for the Future (@fightfortheftr) is an Internet activist group, founded by Holmes Wilson and Tiffiniy Cheng in October 2011, aimed at creating political change. Broadly speaking, it is «focused on defending or improving some aspect of the world». Fight for the Future is building right strategies to rally a particular opinion by deliberately planned collective action at the right pressure points at the time needed. As a result, policy change or a shift in the national debate occurs, leading to visible political pressure on important targets.

For 5,5 years they contributed to two biggest victories for grassroots power: the victory for Net Neutrality in 2015 and the victory against SOPA & PIPA in 2012. Both campaigns clamored against two most powerful organizations in the US: «the media and pharmaceutical lobbies (MPAA and PhrMA) on SOPA/PIPA, and then the cable and telecom lobby (NCTA) on Net Neutrality».

Current Campaign Driver

Fight for the Future is now offering a new way to oppose Tramp policy: they give $15,000/a month as a startup capital to start so-called Activism Teams or «A-Teams» worldwide. They are eager to attract a wide range of specialists including journalists, designers, advertisers, as well as therapists and nurses in order to heighten post-election feeling. Holmes Wilson puts it crudely for Fast Company: «There are incubators and accelerators that every year fund companies that change the world. We want to do something like that for activism». The number of activists willing to participate reached 2,200 since the campaign launch on March 16. «It’s really gone viral and we’ve only sent this to a small part of our [mailing] list», – Holmes comments.

Being More Precise: Figures

It is expected that these A-Teams to be composed of two or three full-time people. Fight for the Future is planning to support dozens of A-Teams in six months. The organization is now ready to fund up to three-month-long trials, granting $45,000 in total. Despite this, Fight for the Future is searching for investors in order to set up further promotion for the groups which successfully pass the initial period. In this case, they will be able to support the projects up to 18 months or even more. This will also make fundraising easier, as donors will be able to appreciate the impact made going through principal points on track. This obviously works much better than funding the things which are unusually and self-evidently effective, very often presented on paper only.

The Main Issues For Straggle

The main instruments of action for A-Teams are online precise writing and speaking with a strong voice with design, images, video, and code. They are supposed to size up their target’s internal power weaknesses and build smart strategies to rally the public at the right time. The founders of Fight for the Future believe that major political issues do not have «digestible explanation online». Just to name a few: Obamacare, Immigration, Medical Marijuana. The organization believes that this scenario is not acceptable in our modern word with such a developed level of online services.

The applicants are free to decide by themselves what they want to fight for, but Fight for the Future suggests such issues as «climate change, Trump’s wall, police reform, “ending the drug war,” and economic populism». The explanation of it is quite clear: anti-campaigns work more efficiently and are less challenging than pro-reform ones. Holmes explains: «It’s between 10 and 100 times easier to stop something than make it happen. That said, stopping things is a good power to have. There are aspects of the world that are working very well. If you’re having a political movement attacking that, and you can stop that [movement], you can make the world better». Though, the list includes a wide range of spheres, as prisons, foreign policy, renewable energy, food and agriculture, corruption, teleccom and many more.

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