The future is already here. Now customers can start choosing branded clothing right through watching videos. The new format of “shoppable video” attracted the fashion world with its accessibility and convenience.

Marketers and advertisers need to be best in presenting their goods to customer, that the man was both interested and at the same time feel comfortable. When we talk about comfort today, most often it comes down to digital media. Why? Because it is hard to imagine a modern urban dweller that would not use its smartphone and social platforms, available to him. To promote a product in the Internet, now it is necessary to possess a creative mind to build content in accordance with the preferences and technical possibilities of the target audience. This time we talk about not so much new as an advanced feature – shoppable video. It was used in the early 2010s. And even then, they have been recognized as contributed to the rapid interaction between the customer and the product. Inspired by the beautiful picture viewers were ready to push the treasured button «buy».

Time passed, and technology became more fancy, but at the same more accessible to every computer owner or smartphone. For example, last year Google launched two new mobile ad products to facilitate faster m-commerce sales: click-to-buy buttons in search and shoppable ads on YouTube videos. This summer there were rumors that Facebook has been exploring shoppable video ads. It is not the easiest thing to create such video ads. You can not always be sure whether the idea hit the mark. We will introduce you fashion brands that have managed to incorporate a new feature quite successfully in its campaign.


Ted Baker

More recently, the British brand Ted Bake has launched the own shoppable video on its website. This film — a spy-themed affair – titled «Mission Impeccable». The plot of a three-minute video is that all the characters, dressed in the brand’s new collection, are trying to save the world of fashion from the villain «The Needle».


Ted Baker. Shoppable Video. Misson Impeccable


Throughout the video on each character pop «plus» icons. If you click on one of these, then choose the clothes remain in a «vault» further down the page. The campaign video has amassed over 1,5 million views on YouTube, despite the fact its buy buttons aren’t on there. The success lies in the fact that the creators managed to adhere to the balance between the interesting plot and the advertised product. «In the evolution of the last few seasons, it’s been clear customers are becoming happier to utilize moving content to jump off into the commerce space,» – said Craig Mackinnon Smith, Ted Baker’s brand communication director.



To mark its anniversary, 30 years in Japan, Diesel created a shoppable video that was shown ahead of its FW16 runway show in Tokyo. It was directed by Alexander Turvey and titled «Road to Tokyo». The story is based on several models of Diesel, who are preparing for their catwalk in the capital. This video can be called unusually because it aired ahead of the catwalk. Users had an earlier peek into the collection to «see-now-buy-now» before the press and attendees. This is to much in the spirit of NWFS16. The film was shot without sound, but in the final installation there is only the music. So creators got a decent movie with fashionable advertising items. In Instagram video has gained over 18,000 views.


Diesel. Shoppable Video


As Ted Baker,  icons appear on the models over the video. If you click on one, you will see a number of the different items they are wearing. Users then have the option to save them to a personal «look book» or follow a link to buy on the Diesel store right there and then.


Matches Fashion

Even before the creation of shoppable video Matches Fashion experimented with so-called «digital trunk shows» via the platform Cinematique. During the video, the experts discussed the new collection, and if something was interested for the viewer, he could click on the garment, and it would have remained into his shopping basket without having to leave the video or pause it.

Matches Fashion. Digital Trunk Show


«While brands and retailers, of course, want viewers to shop their products, this is most effective when the viewers are discovering products on their own terms and not disputing the experience,» – said Kyle Heller, co-founder of Cinematique. She also added that such shoppable movies help to frees the viewer from feeling like «they are constantly being sold to».



The history of Burberry’s shoppable video began in 2012. Then it was launched a four-part series with musician Roo Panes that allowed viewer to buy brand’s goods directly from campaign videos on its site.

Burberry’s shoppable video

This year, they subtilized new format created on its official app for Apple TV for releasing a see-now-buy-now collection there. Now the viewer can see the show and then make a call to the company’s customer service team to order favorite thing. From this month, the brand consumers can order items right after the seasonal show.

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