In terms of influencer marketing importance grows by leaps and bounds, and fashion industry is not an exception, several days ago NewsWhip came up with analytics on fashion publishers field on Twitter and Facebook.


Key authors and influencers during Fashion Month

Trying to identify the most popular fashion content publishers with great influence on audience and fashion sphere, analytics counted fashion content engagements on social, where «engagements» mean total likes, shares and comments on Facebook and total combined Instagram comments and shares.

Covering 30 days period between May 20th and June 20th by analyzing nearly 3000 stories by 40 publishers, analytics team found out that during this period in fashion calendar content with «fashion week mentions made out 5.33 million engagements on Facebook and 1.02 million on Twitter, plus 12.7 million Instagram interactions and 288,696 pins.

A vast mixture of influencers includes models and such public features as Karlie Kloss, who show a great engagements on their posts. And absolute leader among fashion publishers still remains Vogue, which gets at the top of the list by its Instagram interactions.

Place of the leading authors took Janelle Okwodu and Steff Yotka, who together in total gained 120,134 interactions on Facebook.

Meanwhile the most noticeable found was domination of diverse range of published stories as the audience showed a great interest and preferences to analytical materials and broader content combined with list-orientated articles.

Ranking of the top fashion publishers on social in May-June 2016 shows interesting variety of names. In fact Vogue and InStyle easily got into the top 10, however the list includes not only niche but also broader publishers.

According to the results, with the total of 2.8 million Twitter and Facebook engagements the first place in the list took HelloGiggles as the most successful fashion content publisher during this spring-summer period.

Top-10 publishers

Right after HelloGiggles goes High Snobbery with 1.07 million engagements during the same period of time. This breakdown of engagements of fashion content reveals the reach and power which have female and younger audience aimed publishers on social. Mostly, HelloGiggles and High Snobbery content targets the audience consisting of young women and girls. This says about a great influence young social females got for the trendy publishers.

New York Times with its broader content highlighting politics, lifestyle and other issues also confirms its prestige in fashion content publisher battle. For 30 days period its fashion content got 1.05 million engagements. Meanwhile MTV and the Huffington Post catch up with NY Times covering even more parts of public life.

The fifth publisher in this top ten is Sole Collector with 747,729 engagements, which can be marked as the most niche publisher on the list. In fact there is a tendency which shows an impressive foot-ware aimed content popularity that can be confirmed by significant activity it generated. And such sites as Sneaker News and Nice Kicks seem to be appealing to the audience this months.

What really was unexpected that’s the fail of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle and other huge publishers with high-sounding names to get into this top 10. However, even if in this metrics their interactions and engagements show no results, it’s always possible to rethink and from the other point this analysis could be a completely inequality.


Average Engagement

As the results show, the fashion content engagement seems more flourishing on visual social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest rather than on any text-based space. Furthermore, it shows that the majority of publishers use Instagram to return to the gallery features site. Overall, in total engagement is quite low in particular when it’s being compared to Instagram engagement among influencers and publishers.

Interesting that almost all publications on fashion manager to earn a million engagements in just five-days period while the figures generated it during 30-days period.

As you could already noticed, the average engagement can always change the rate and take some previously less lucky publishers higher in the list. And here is what average engagement shows us this time.


The main reason for such cleavage in list-rate is that some of the top 10 publishers posted fewer content. For example, Lenny Letter published only one article on fashion issue in this period. But it was enough to earn 26,486 total engagements and got the first place for average engagement meanwhile in previous rank it took 37th place overall.

Actually, in was the post about #nomake-up movement by Alicia Keys, which became one of the top popular stories in this 30 days. This post benefited from the large audience as it released via big audience and name recognition point. And engagement volume stays impressive in comparison with other publishers.

Ranked by this metrics, Disney earned 5,002 interactions in average via Facebook and Twitter by 44 content peaces, the same way the list joined the seventeen with 33 content peaces and Cosmopolitan with 77 articles.

Average engagement ranking also revealed Teen Vogue with its 1,881 engagements on average for 227 stories and placed it on the 7th step. Versus to Teen Vogue, HelloGiggles which appeared to be the most successful publisher overall, this time revealed that it got 2.8 million engagements only with 1,814 articles in total – which is further more than too much.


Tell me your best story

It would be impossible not to mention top 10 stories, which presented publishers their likes and shares. And as we have already mentioned, at the top of the lest appeared Alicia’s Keys make-up free article for Lenny Letter. It was also highlighted in the Huffington Post and earned 75,000 engagements.

Another popular story provoked a great reaction on social was a hot-dog princess story which presented a little girl costume at her dance class, which gained over 55,000 engagements published by New York Magazine.

This fashion month became a great period for fashion content publishers and revealed a significant difference between fashion based content and other ares. However, in major stories categorized as fashion issue were highlighting a wide range of life with a lot of issues.

This means that even niche and list-orientated content in one-track publishings can gain more interactions and attract more audience broadening its content and covering all spheres of life such as politics and lifestyle.

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