Nowadays, one may think that trendies seem to care more about the image of the fashion brand itself, rather than about their branded clothing. Why would you think so? Well, look at the social media of some high street fashion brands, look at the images they are carrying, and look at the strategies that they implement to increase a number of customers.


Don’t judge a book by its cover… But judge a brand by its Instagram

Based on the stats of this year, Instagram is becoming very popular among various age groups. Now, Instagram has more than 400 million active users, and 90% of them are younger than 35 years old!

In 2016, around 49% of all brands are using the Instagram, and by 2017 this percentage will increase to up to 71%. When it comes to fashion brands, crazy fanatics of clothing can breathe easy, because 96% of US fashion brands constantly update their Instagram!

You may wonder why Instagram stands out among other platforms when there are so many benefits of using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or other platforms, but there are really valid reasons behind it. According to some studies, engagement rates on Instagram are 20 times higher than on Twitter, and 15 times higher than on Facebook.

To explore why the Instagram is dookie fresh for brands marketing, let’s look at some specific high street fashion brands strategies.


Why photos of only snazzy dresses and cute earrings are not that cool anymore

Most of us would wrinkle nose in disgust and irritation if we encountered another banal and stupid prepaid ad on the Instagram while scrolling our newsfeed. Well, we can agree that some ads do stand out and do make us want to buy their product, while others lack uniqueness and creativity so much, that we only wish them all the best and hope to never see them again.

Let’s look at some really outstanding high street fashion brands, and especially examine those who have found a way to distinguish themselves among others.

According to NewsWhip statistics on the Instagram engagement, Forever 21 and H&M are the biggest high street fashion labels on Instagram! They have 12 and 10 million engagements each respectively:
Overall-top-10 (1)

Beside that incredible success, the two brands have also featured the most impactful posts in May 2016.

You may wonder how they kicked everyone else’s ass, and the truth is simpler than you think. But before we try the frosting on the cake, let’s not forget than Forever 21’s Instagram has around 10.6 million followers, while H&M has 14.8 million followers.


How H&M and Forever 21 found their place in the sun?

Let’s leave all the prejudice why influencer marketing can be lame in businesses and admit that the two brand mostly owe their success to the influencers! They have implemented a great strategy where instead of paid models that would feature their clothing, they hired the influencers that are than happy to post something for the brands.

The most successful H&M and Forever 21 posts involve element of influencer marketing. And in reality, those two high street fashion brands have used influencers more than other brands!

In May 2016, around 60% and 36% of Forever 21 and H&M top engagements respectively happened due to the great nature of influencer marketing.


Cool beans! But what kind of photos do the brands feature thriving for success?

Yes, we looked at the other side of a coin and found out how important influencer marketing for flossy brands, but the content still matters, right?

The top high street fashion brands feature pictures that are full of aesthetic and sensuous beauty. Look at the images below:

в (2)


The main purpose of those is to get you inspired and uplift your mood. They want to convey the ideal interpretation of the brand and the deep and beautiful feelings that you may experience buying their products.

In contrast, H&M tend to post pictures that feature outfits and some fashionable elements of their collections. Most pictures show a complete look and help the customers find the complement details of the outfit:

f (2)

g (2)


Social media can encompass all aspect of our life from politics to fashion. High street fashion brands such Forever 21 and H&M found a way to successfully implement social media marketing through display of aesthetic and uplifting images as well as with the help of influencers.

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