Currently Facebook is a solid player on video content market. Moreover, about 65.8 percent of U.S. marketers are going to use the platform for video ads. But what video ad length is the best?


Digital Video Boom

It won’t come as a surprise that branded video content is on the rise. Today video ads are the fastest growing ad type ever: it will increase for 184% from $9.9 to $28 billion in ad spend the next four years. 45% of respondents are planning to do a lot of branded video content in the next year, meanwhile 54% of them are will main the quantity of digital video they’re already producing.

Moreover, there is a buzz around Facebook because it surpassed YouTube in total number of video views on desktop in the U.S.

As co-founder and chairman Gian Fulgoni said to Beet.TV in this video interview,While there’s reach advantage for auto-play, there’s an issue as to whether you’re getting good engagement. You’re getting good engagement from user-initiated (video on YouTube) by definition. If you figure how to create the video so it grabs people’s attention, you may have the benefits of high reach as well as engagement.


Facebook’s triumph

recent report from Mixpo revealed that advertisers and agencies prefer Facebook when it comes to video advertising. Thus Facebook has become the primary platform for video advertising. Most respondents reported that they plan to run video ads on Facebook than any other network next year.

Indeed, Facebook is a great choice for a brand: brand can both to expand its audience and reach its existing audience. The social networks make it easy for advertisers to target groups of consumers they want. Mixpo quotes Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Omnicom Digital: “When you have that much known information, tied to analytics and an ad server, you can start doing messaging in a way no one’s ever done before. That’s marketing nirvana.” Thus, Facebook is the perfect choice for marketers because of the engagement factor.


The Question of Length

How long should a video be? In fact, there’s no optimal length. There is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy when developing and optimizing your video marketing content. Length depends on the kind of platforms and varies greatly. For example, Instagram video is no longer than 30 seconds, meanwhile Periscope can go on for an hour. YouTube videos length is about 4.76 minutes. “When it comes to video, step one is, what’s your goal and objective? What are you trying to do?” says Greg Jarboe, president of SEO PR. “On YouTube, you search for the video because you have a problem to solve or there’s something you want to learn or you just want to be entertained.”


As for Facebook, on average its videos are much shorter than on YouTube. In July, Business Insider reported that the average person spends more than 20 minutes a day on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram have video length in common – a 30-second limit. So is shorter always better for social media platforms? Not necessarily.

Quite a few companies have a strong interest in what’s happening on video content market. Here are some interesting results of their surveys.

Kinetic Social, a programmatic social media platform that produces paid social ads, conducted a research based on 2 billion social ad impressions of US-based clients for all ad types on Facebook. According to the data, 44% people viewed 30-60-second video ads on Facebook to completion. Meanwhile, those that ran less than 30 seconds had 26% completion rate. Interestingly enough, 2-minute or longer video ads took the second place for the best completion rate – 31%.

Animoto’s survey shows that 70.8% of respondents are going to invest in social video ads. And undoubtedly, Facebook will benefit from this intent a lot. 65.8% of interviewed plan to use this platform to do social video advertising.


Live streaming video

Live streaming video is worth mentionin in this context, too. Interestingly enough, both agencies and marketers want to invest in Live video. In fact, Facebook is the first choice, and YouTube – the second.

In August Trust Media Brands reported that 7% of agency and 19% of in-house marketers are planning to invest in live stream video ads. And again, it is Facebook Live that will benefit much from it and it will definitely become the social media giant. Facebook is a great choice for a brand: there is an opportunity to save and to expand its audience. However, there are many platforms for live video to explore, too.



To sum it up, there is no one-size strategy for video advertising. It depends on platform, purpose, content and a number of other things. As for Facebook, according to recent research, the tendency is that almost 50 percent people viewed 30-60-second video ads to completion. Mind it and it’s up to you to decide how long your video should be.

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