One can easily get lost in the variety of apps nowadays. However, when your brand calls, you should make a right choice for advertising placement. So, are you team Facebook or team Snapchat?

To have fruitful business relationships one should understand clearly what each platform is able to give you. Firstly, ask yourself a couple of questions like “who is my audience?” or “what effect do I want to make?”. Most of the time you have one shot with your brilliant ad, so let’s find out how not to screw up.


Who runs the (advertising) world?

When this question is impossible to answer, one can try to make the list of pros and cons for each platform. For example, it’s necessary to look into the demographics first, as the campaign’s target audience can turn into instant mismatch. Facebook has been recently known for the gradual “audience growing-up”. Being brought into this world as a youngsters platform, now it has its major growth in profiles number (41% from 2012 to 2015) among 45-54 years old. Apparently, little precious have decided not to show parents their pub crawl Friday pics and quit Facebook for all permitted “adultless” good. Thus, if your campaign is aimed at the younger part of millennials, there is greater chance it’s going to be more appreciated on Snapchat.

Snapchat Statistics. Young Audience


Another problem is platform affordances that can ruin or boost your campaign. For instance, letting the audience to play with branded filters on Snapchat can bring them  happiness and fill your pockets. Moreover, audience may not perceive the ad too annoying on Snapchat if it mimics the inbuilt amusing features.

Facebook, on the other hand, may scare the customers away by the necessity to mention the brand in native advertising. We have already written about videos as the main possible substitute during this dark times, but it’s still unclear whether marketers will chose this path. It may be a good idea though, as Facebook has just enabled video advertisements during live broadcasts. To be fair, even if brands decide to chose the openly mentioned ad, Facebook advertising is going to stay visible for long on web in comparison with ephemeral Snapchat content. Thus, sometimes it seems more reasonable to produce almost immortal ad.


Facebook Advertising


The last issue that may be worth considering is what type of engagement you need. Being briefly mentioned above, Snapchat engagement is rather limited by its childish style. Facebook, on the contrary, brings more space for audiences’ self-expression. It is possible to comment or spread the user generated content with more effect there rather than on Snapchat. Thus, Facebook enables eternally imprinted digital creativity. Moreover, according to the statistics, Facebook still has more engagement time due to the larger amount of users and possible interaction ways. Adults are going to spend there averagely 23 minutes a day in 2018 versus 18 minutes on Snapchat. It may turn into a big deal for your brand, you know.


Are there any concerns?

Well, the question wouldn’t be even asked if there were none. The major worry both platforms bring to marketers and content creators is constant algorithmic change. There is no certainty about what may happen next. For example, Facebook has already prioritized family content over everything else to serve the initial purpose of connectivity. Does it mean that brands now should also appeal to your granny or hipster best friend to appear on appropriate audience’s timeline? The whole thing can lead to revaluating of the brand’s audience and spreading the influence to the inner circles of a target group.

XXI century tech world gives an unprecedented ability to bring your brand to everyone’s smartphone. However, there is still a chance you can mess everything up. If you ask which platform is better for advertising, the answer is neither. The thing is, one should make the campaign exclusively for the platform acknowledging all the problems that may arise. Otherwise, when in doubt, it’s better to do the research on your brand again.

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