Recently, Facebook introduced the new algorithms, according to which the news feed will prioritize your family and friends’ posts over anything else. Let’s see how painful it can be for the publishers.


What are the roots of the problem, and what is the problem

Back in good old days, or in 2014 to be more exact, Facebook Business page created a post where they were talking about how important the Facebook newsfeed was for businesses. The main discussion of the posts is around the topic of what people do really want to see in their newsfeed, and how businesses just take advantage of people’s time spent on Facebook. After conducting a survey of what people think about the different kinds of content, the analysts found out two important things:

  1. Most people hate promotional content and sincerely don’t want to see that ever in their newsfeed.
  2. Most people only go to their Facebook to check on their friends and family’s news. They don’t care about anything else.

Well, it has been two long and exhausting years, and now those “most people” can breathe with ease. Why? Because Facebook made their dreams come true!


Dreams come true… But not for the publishers.

Alrightly, the Facebook introduced the new algorithm based on which you will mostly see the posts of your friends in your newsfeed. According to the Facebook announcement, they want to prioritize the main value of the network: connect people with their friends and families.

However, most digital companies are not that optimistic about it, because the new policy puts a huge limitation on their ads and reaching out the people. Parsley report says that Facebook accounts for almost 42% of the referral traffic for many websites. Reuters Institute 2016 Digital News Report also states that 51% of people use social media as a source of news.  Moreover,  Facebook conquered the hearts of millennials and older generations: 93% of the over-35-year olds and 98% of young generation use Facebook as their main social network.

Now, there is not much left for the publishers in the implementation of their marketing campaigns on Facebook. Also, let’s not forget about the policy about native ads that Facebook developed quite recently and that drove most publishers insanely furious.


Why the new algorithm may not be a pain in the ass for the publishers

You may think that the publishers might be sobbing in their offices right now because Facebook ruined their dream by implementing so many new policies against them. But I don’t think that this is really happening. Why? Because things have already been quite frustrating for them over the last year, so another stab in the back will not do much to them.

BuzzSumo found that since January average number of shares have been falling down and down, so many news channels and brands have experienced quite sad periods of their lives while checking the metrics of their posts. If we look specifically at the average shares of links for businesses, there is also nothing bright and cheerful.

Facebook New Algorithm. Engagement


However, one type of content went significantly up in its value for the users. What’s that? Videos!
Some studies also found that since recent times, Facebook videos eclipsed the links by 7 times!


Facebook New Algorithm. Engagement


Nowadays, videos seem to be one of the most engaging content for any kind of platform, but especially for Facebook. However, it is a problem for publishers. According to the top media executive that talked to Digiday, videos don’t let companies make a lot of money, and the finance teams don’t even report the revenues from the videos due to its miserable amount.

Therefore, even if Facebook policies have been kind of bad for the publishing businesses, things have already been falling down for the digital media companies. But let’s wait and see what will be happening next and how publishers will try to climb out of this hole of desperateness.

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