Live-streamed videos now take high position in consumers’ News Feed. Does this mean that Facebook Live videos became the most important part of Facebook content? And if it is so what is the future of Facebook Live?


Facebook broadens horizons

Facebook continues to shake the digital media world with its new features. So it was when Facebook launched Facebook Live last summer as a new way of interaction within the most popular social network in the world.  Originally made as an elite app Facebook Live’s popularity has been growing very fast and soon it became available for everyone.

Today its potential keeps growing opening more and more ways for marketers to develop their content and to adjust communication with their audience.  According to NewsWhip data videos get much more views when they are live. Such indicators are not very surprising because people regard live-streamed videos as the most important out of the whole range of videos that are uploaded.  So there are no doubts Facebook Live has a huge potential to lift up the level of digital marketing.


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News Feed is filling up with live-streamed videos

Surely Facebook is made not only for video-exchange and it can also be various photos, posts, articles and etc. Facebook guide always tracks the statistic of the most viewed posts. This information let them know which posts are more interesting for consumers so they put such posts higher in news feed.

This year it was live-streamed videos that have gathered the biggest amount of views.  Comparing to the rest video content live videos get 3 times more views. Spikes provide a very useful app helping to track videos’ rank and to know which video gets more engagement. In this NewsWhip article  data based on Spikes’s graphics show that videos get the most part of the views during the actual live process.

This is the lesson for video producers which means that they have to stream videos live if they want to attract more people to their content.


Facebook Live may become a real threat for TV broadcast

As it was said before since Facebook Live has been launched it broadens its influence on media very fast. As people has started to share some videos which are connected to essential events in country’s life Facebook Live is now considered by many as tool for providing the latest news. Some huge companies started to use live-streamed videos instead of usual reports.

For example, such authoritative publisher as The New York Times.  One of its journalists Deborah Acosta introduced a new way of reporting through live-streamed videos. As The New York Times writes: ‘These videos represent a potentially transformational form of journalism because they let stories unfold organically, live, and with the audience able to change the experience’.

The New York Times. Live Videos


So Facebook Live now opened the new side of its possibilities. According to Campaign Facebook guides intend to use network’s video potential and develop video distributing strategy in the first place. Also you can read in one of our articles about how Twitter tends to replace TV with its live videos.

Considering these facts social networks can become a real threat for classical TV broadcast. And Facebook Live is one of the most ‘dangerous’ competitors because of the popularity of its live-streamed reports.


Great future for Facebook Live

To sum up, it is worth saying that Facebook is a platform where people are free for experimenting. And Facebook Live proved that marketers cannot do without experimenting if they want to leverage their content.

So, taking into account everything that was said the only conclusion is that marketers have to make as many live videos as it is possible. As statics we have mentioned above speaks for itself, live-streamed videos are the future of digital media.

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