Today it’s hard to imagine our life without using internet resources. Whether you need to choose a place for spending your holiday, to remodel your apartment or you’re looking for such everyday stuff like new clothes or recipe of delicious food ‒ you turn to internet to find something that interests you. Does this mean that classical media companies don’t have any chances to compete with Facebook, Buzzfeed and others in marketing? Martha Stewart answers: ‘No’.


Useful tools for paving your way to success

Martha Stewart’s success is a real example of brilliant business strategy. As one of the most authoritative entrepreneurs she conducts the American Made Summit to inspire burgeoning entrepreneurs to leverage their business. (Information about the last summit session you will find in her blog) She’s been making her first steps in career by writing books and articles and by creating her first magazine, however nowadays she is still as, or even more, popular than she was before.

Martha Stewart. Living

Not only to stay ‘on board’ but to achieve amazing ratings Martha helped her broadcast on Facebook Live. Martha claims that Facebook Live is very helpful tool for promoting your content because it does not limit marketers in their actions and it is open for experiments. Moreover, it is much cheaper than TV advertising.

Another popular platform of new digital media times where you are free for experimenting is Buzzfeed. According to Scott Lamb the main growing stream in digital media today is videos. So Buzzfeed has taken it as the base of its content and improves it every day trying something new and amusing. Facebook as well improves its video coverage and by doing it supports the trends.

Martha Stewart. Digital Media


Appreciating the absence

Analyzing popularity of Facebook and Buzzfeed we can easily conclude that the main reason of their popularity is advertising absence during the process of consumer’s familiarization with content. Martha listing the reasons why she loves Buzzfeed says: ‘… better ways to show the viewer things that the viewer wants to see, but in a lesser amount of time. And there’s no commercials, by the way. There’s no interruption. You can do it on your time, when you need it and want it’.

This also refers to Facebook Live. Simon Pont, chief strategy officer at agency Brave Bison, defines working on Facebook Live as the process of making a dialogue between consumers and media.


‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’

Taking into account this fact it is obvious that the key for classical media not to lose its audience is correct advertising strategy. Martha has the answer to how to make an unobtrusive advertising. It has to be simple like: ‘just show the Domino bag. That’s pretty much enough for a lot of sponsors. … And, by the way, there’s constant communication with the viewer’. It should not declare itself as an advertising element in order to not to irritate the consumer. It is not hard and media should not be afraid of failing it. You can also read about how some media panic about other possible Facebook challenges in one of our latest articles.



‘Experience is the teacher of all things’

So we can make a conclusion that the most important thing in modern marketing is competent advertising. Another experience we may learn from ‘Domestic Diva’ may seem obvious but essential. It’s constant developing of your content, focusing not on the profit but mainly on consumer’s interests and desires. All of this Martha Stewart does with her magazine and shows.

It is not the type of media that matters, it is your hard work and love for what you are doing. At first sight these rules seem naive and obvious, but Martha Stewart’s success is the proof that the rules work.

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