Adventure Club, digital product studio, recently created an unusual project using VR technology. Thanks to it studio’s creative director saw his unborn daughter. 


New level of ultrasound

“We constantly explore new horizons to create bold new products and ventures for our fearless clients,” says Adventure Club official page, and it’s hard not to agree with them in the light of their bizarre new project. Samuli Cantell, the creative director of digital product studio, once got an idea of “how awesome would it be to use 4D ultrasound to scan my unborn baby and make a VR experience of that”. And so, after talking his girlfriend over, Cantell left blurry black and white ultrasounds to the past and unlocked a crispy new level.

For this project (called How I met my daughter before she was born) Adventure Club collaborated with 4D ultrasound system manufacturer GE and Aava Medical Centre to create a 3D model of an unborn baby. The model was later on transported into Unity and finally became part of the great VR. The project was the first of this kind, as Cantell couldn’t find anything similar. “Our company is experimenting with new technologies all the time. Recently, we had been experimenting different ways to use VR in healthcare, and my wife was pregnant so this idea came to me. One goal of the project was to create something in VR that felt really personal, and to see how this immersive way of experiencing could make it even more personal,” Cantell says, explaining the project’s background – which goes far beyond usual curiosity.

Adventure Club. How I Met My Daughter Before She Was Born Adventure Club. How I Met My Daughter Before She Was Born Adventure Club. How I Met My Daughter Before She Was Born

Calming & unreal

“On a misty Thursday morning in August we went to the Aava Medical Centre for the 4D ultrasound scan. At this time our baby was already a bit too big for perfect scans but after an hour we got enough material. From the data I imported DICOM files to osiriX lite and made the first 3D model. It turned out pretty messy, but with a little help from a friend we sculpted a nice 3D model.” The final result looks like a baby that floats on some kind of magic space clouds. Future parents claim the experience of How I met my daughter before she was born to be literally breathtaking – well, no wonder to that as it was, basically, VR experience based on their unborn child. “It was very emotional and calming, yet unreal.”

More for the future?

Guys from Adventure Club think that services like this will be a part of near future – and as for now, there are to many manual steps to make it available for the public. “This iteration was a family-only thing, but we are hoping to create a service in this vein at some point. At the moment, it looks like it would be a bit too expensive of a service, since it needs a lot of professional, manual work with the 3D model. But when the scanners develop further, I think this could be the ultrasound of the future.”

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