Some may think that podcasting has been gradually dying out for marketing campaigns and advertising. In the pool of various marketing tools, podcasting may look quite unnoticeable and dull. However, the Empire Magazine, a 27-year-old film magazine, has started using podcasting to promote films recently, and they really aced up their sleeve.

What’s the deal with podcasts in general?

According to the RAJAR Midas Audio survey, 7% of people listen to different podcasts every week. Even if the number of these people might not sound grand, the intensity of their dedication to the podcasts makes up for that. On average, they spend at least 6 hours a week listening to podcasts. It is also interesting to notice that 91% of their time spent on podcasting relates to speech-based content.

Based on demographic information of the podcast listeners, 22.3% of them are in the range between 15 and 34 years old. And there are more males than females listening to the podcasts weekly.

According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report of 2015, podcasting is used by about 10% of the marketers in both B2B and B2C businesses. Even if podcasting does not dominate over many other marketing tools, it is still a big fish in a small pond. The Empire Magazine’s podcasts vividly demonstrate it.

Why did the Empire Magazine give it a shake?


Before, the Empire Magazine had been featuring podcasts sponsored by other brands. Now, they are trying to create their own podcasts about various films and life events. For instance, they held a podcast session at the Prince Charles cinema in London, and later on, they held a film festival that consisted of script readings and podcasts.  How successful is this new podcasting for the Empire Magazine?

Well, the first podcasts appealed to around 25,000 people and received around 100,000 downloads a week. The numbers are big, but unfortunately some people say that the first podcasts were really awkward. Good to know that the podcasts are improving over time. Sadly, fans of awkward jokes may not be that happy anymore.

What are the big pluses of podcasting for the Empire Magazine?

What advantages do the podcasts have for the Empire Magazine?

  • Increase in revenue

Since some of the podcasts are featuring various life events, the revenue is also coming from the sponsors and ticket sales.

  • Building strong relationships with the customers

The Empire Magazine needs to know its audience better to select the time and the content for the podcasting. Therefore, the Magazine can connect to its customer through another way – podcasting. One more tool to engage with the audience, right?

Terry White, an editor-in-chief of the Empire Magazine, stated that “the experience of a listener is more intimate between the brand and the individual” in podcasting.

  • Promotion on other social media platforms

Some podcasts feature movie stars. Especially, those kind of podcasts tend to get a lot of attention from the audience and a bunch of shares on Facebook and Twitter. Now, the total number of users following the Empire Magazine’s Twitter and Facebook is about 1 million!

Tom Dunn, a digital strategy director at the media agency Muxus, said that podcasts “remove one step for the content to go viral” on any social media platform.

Even if podcasting seems to be one of the least popular tools of marketing, it still has a lot of impact on the success of company’s marketing. The Empire Magazine illustrates it through their new podcasts!

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