Can a woman be powerful? This question may seem weird: of course, they can. We know a lot of examples almost in all spheres of life, starting from business to space. But on daily basis we don`t think of women as strong and ambitious human: they are regarded as homemakers: mothers and wives. And they really are. They do make their own cozy home and they do raise children. However, this is just one part of femininity. Stars of many industries, featured in PSA by The Tory Burch Foundation reveal the second one: Ambition. #EmbraceAmbition was made to deal with stigma around ambition in women.

Sometimes the society perceives women’s intentions to reach and promote their goals, ambitions as something unattractive, something, that makes a woman less feminine. Trey Laird, chief creative officer in Laird + Partners created a film, based on Tory Burch’s personal experience. Tory had to deal with the wrong perception of ambition while building a career in fashion. So, the agency created a video, where the stars of sports, film, fashion industry and business share their own ambitions in a positive way. This was supposed to present ambitions in a positive light and provoke changes in the attitude.


Changing the perception

In this #InternationalWomensDay I’m honored to be part of the @toryburchfoundation #EmbraceAmbition movement! All women deserve to embrace ambition and support each other as they do so!”, – Reese Witherspoon wrote on her instagram on the International Women`s Day. Apart from Reese, Julianne Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow represented film industry, Gabby Douglas, Billie Jean King and Laila Ali – sports and Anna Wintour – fashion. Such stars as Eric Schmidt, Sheryl Sandberg and Melinda Gates also appeared in the film, making their own meaningful statements.

No longer will ambition in the woman be seeing as a negative

Successful women and men with various backgrounds gathered in one video to deliver a message: ambitions are good! It`s okay to be powerful and strong, especially if you are a woman. Moreover, they also have their personal ambitions: Anna Wintour`s ambition is to “to help more women run for office”, while Billie Jean King wants equality for all. Stars were wearing t-shirts with important words, on which the campaign was based. “Powerful”, “Ambitious”, “Strong”, “Visionary”, “Founder”, “Mother”, “Boss”, “Tough”, “Seo”, “Champion” – each of this word has appeared on the participants` chests. Overall, they were excited to take part in this initiative. 

The foundation decided to develop the message through “great voices”, that could bring attention to the following stigma- problem and the mission of the Tory Burch Foundation . Powerful women made this campaign convincing and inspiring. They also draw attention to the issues of empowerment, telling the story from different angles – business, sports and entertainment.

Things, every woman should remember

#EmbraceAmbition campaign makes us reconsider our dreams and goals. It tells us to “dream big without hesitation” and never give up on them. Even though the society perceives women only as mothers and homekeepers, women “got to be the part of this conversation”. The film shows a new attitude to ambition: “Ambition is feminine”. This will definitely help the women from all over the world to put aside all fears and restrictions and become powerful, strong and ambitious

This simple message is another step to improve the world we live in. The more wonderful and ambitious people (no matter what gender they have) chase big dreams and succeed, the better our world becomes. Both women and men were made to be ambitious. We shouldn`t divide. Every human should be the part of this big conversation.

Embrace ambitions! Will you?

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