Marissa Pomerance is a WelkerMedia Fellowship Applicant. Her carefully curated blog is dedicated to the LA food, fashion and lifestyle scene. Marissa has big plans for developing her platform and making it The Place to turn to for advice on all things LA. 

How many lifestyle bloggers do you follow? And how often do you take their advice on where to go, what to eat, what clothes to wear? What about the city you live in, is there The Blogger you go to for the updates on all those things? Well, if you are lucky enough to be an Angeleno, you should definitely check out The Editorialist LA.

Marissa Pomerance has been developing her media platform, her blog for the past 2.5 years and she has already gone pretty far. She has been able to grow it to almost 60,000 followers on Instagram and 10,000+ monthly page views. The blog brings her enough profit to sustain her daily needs, but Marissa sees a lot of potential in her platform.

Marissa moved to LA after college to pursue a career in fashion. That’s when she noticed there wasn’t a well-organized resource to inform the locals about the manufacturing and fashion industries there. There also wasn’t that one place you go to for the restaurant/bar advice. In a city with such a vibrant, constantly changing foodie scene, it was surprising not to have a resource fully dedicated to all things LA. So Marissa started one herself:

I found that the content surrounding food in LA were either overwhelmingly long lists of new restaurants or untrustworthy reviews with poor quality writing and photos. My mission has been to explore the growing, changing city of LA and provide readers with curated content about the best new restaurants, local brands, where to shop, and fashion/beauty tips without overwhelming them.

Her blog has quite a few sections. There are of course the food, fashion and beauty segments. The bread and butter of many lifestyle blogs out there. These three are what Marissa focuses on most and delivers some great information on all. You can see lots of people commenting how they follow Marissa’s advice and are extremely pleased with where it leads them, be it restaurants, bars or beauty products.

I want to make every corner of this city accessible to everyone with curated city guides at their fingertips.

Aside from the core three sections, there is also one named “Neighbourhood Guide”, where Marissa takes her readers to the best places in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and other areas in LA. This truly deserves respect, as only very few bloggers actually put in the work to develop guides not just of a city, but of the city’s neighbourhoods.

Yet another section of The Editorialist LA is “Thoughts”. Unlike any other section of the blog, this one doesn’t have any advice on the to-go, to-do front. “Thoughts” does have some suggestions though. For instance, on ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that aren’t brunch. “Thoughts” also include Marissa’s musings that are just as interesting to read as the main content she provides.

I’m writing this and realising how much I need a blog like this in my city. Tripadvisor with it’s not-so great photos and not always reliable reviews really doesn’t cut it anymore.

The posts on The Editorialist LA are typically short and sweet [the ice-cream photo below for reference]. Marissa always takes high-quality photos of food, drinks and her OOTD’s. Her reviews of bars and restaurants are a great guide though the LA food scene and, according to the happy commenters, are on point. One of the sub-sections of the food segment in Marissa’s blog talks about grocery delivery services. I mean, you can’t eat out all the time, right?

Moving away from the food, Marissa covers SPAS, Salons, Fitness Studios, and Resorts. She also posts about unique first date ideas and unmissable events to attend. Her blog really offers everything a young city dweller may be looking for in LA.

The Editorialist LA does have a lot to offer already. Marissa, however, envisions so much more. She wants to expand to video content and potentially hire someone to help her with content production. Marissa also aims to improve her photography quality. Then, she wants to enrich her local business reviews with interviews and city guides:

I envision this website becoming the go-to resource for all things food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, fitness, and all with a city-specific spin.

Marissa is definitely on the right track. She says: “I receive feedback from restaurants, shops, etc who have seen boosts in their businesses because of the media coverage that I provide, and my friends and followers tell me all the time how they went to a restaurant or purchased from a local designer because they read about it on my website.”

Marissa is planning on expanding her blog into the New York and San Francisco editions of it. That, of course, requires funding that she hopes to obtain through the WelkerMedia Fellowship.

I was able to bring on an intern for a few months, but I can’t ask her to continue to work for free. She has been an invaluable resource and a huge help, and I would love to be able to hire her full time as a Social Media Manager, Editor, or Content Creator.

Some think a blogger’s job is easy. You go to places, the PR teams of restaurants, bars and shops provide you with some free stuff and you just “review” it. But, behind-the-scenes is actually so much more than free samples and sponsorships. Lifestyle blogging has been so popular lately that it is very hard to even grow your audience, without getting lost in the sea of similar platforms. The production process and content creation itself take a lot of time and may never bring profit. And you do still need to pay for all the products you review, especially in the beginning. Which is why the great job Marissa has done of her blog deserves special attention, given the high quality of her content.

I started The Editorialist LA to provide a resource to Angelenos who wanted to find out about the one best new restaurant to go to this week (instead of having to wade through 50 new openings), and for fashion-lovers that wanted to shop local but had no idea where to even look. The Editorialist LA is a one-stop shop for stylish, intelligent, and culturally-savvy young city dwellers.

The Editorialist LA is already such a place for many. If I am ever in LA, I won’t hesitate to check Marissa’s latest advice.

Marissa “truly believes that she can help local businesses, restaurants, and designers succeed and thrive in LA’s growing, bustling cultural scene.” A cause worth investing in.

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