Edith Yeung, born in China, is mainly known as the General Partner at ‘500 Mobile Collective’ Microfund. Working closely with portfolio teams, she believes that they would be able to make a great impact in education, entertainment and healthcare in China.

Edith Yeung is the General Partner at ‘500 Mobile Collective’ Microfund, focused on investing in mobile, VR, AR, IOT and consumer internet startups. Holding Bachelor in Industrial Management at Purdue University and complited Executive Program for Growing Companies at Stanford University and Executive Education in Private Equity and Venture Capital at Harvard Business School.

‘Dolphin’ And ‘RightVentures’

Having various working experience previously, in 2011 she started working on Marketing and Business Development at Dolphin Browser. This browser is one of the best-known browsers for Android, that provides fast loading speed, HTML5 video player, AdBlock and many other options. In three months, she was promoted to Vice President, International Business Development, where she stayed till October 2014. Since November the same year Yeung is working there as an advisor. «For me, the Dolphin experience is definitely the most relevant. Our team was split between Beijing, Wuhan, and San Francisco. The setup was going after US, international markets, but at the same time the product and engineering was done in China», – she says.

In August 2011, she co-founded ‘RightVentures’ with Jonathan Siegel, a seed stage investment firm focusing on mobile and consumer internet companies. Some of her investments include Fleksy, Mighty Text, Pack, Bounce.io, etc.


500 Mobile Collective

Starting from November 2014, Yeung is employed at ‘500 Mobile Collective’ (‘500 Startups’), where she is seeking out the best founders, working on mobile. The company is focused on «early stage startups – aiming to fund founders with strong mobile domain expertise, engineering excellence and the conviction in the use of mobile technology to change how the world works». All key partners, LPs and advisors, who are involved in ‘Mobile Collective’, have «operational mobile experience including Mobile OEMs & carriers, mobile user distribution, mobile commerce and payment, mobile PR & branding, mobile M&A, and so forth».

In February this year, Yeung was announced the appointment of Edith Yeung as the new boss of its China unit. She replaced replaces Rui Ma, having the same mix of corporate, startup, and investing experience.

‘500 Startups’, established in 2010 in Silicon Valley, now unites over 1,700 tech firms in its portfolio. Going deeper, three of them «have metamorphosed into ‘unicorns’ worth over a billion bucks, and 40 are now valued at just over US$100 million». So, work at ‘500 Startups’ is rather challenging. Most of her time Yeung spends on already existing portfolio companies, helping them grow, make money and form partnerships. That means that «both Chinese startups as well as overseas ones that have potential to do well in the Chinese market».

Yeung is now focused on approximately 40 companies and is aimed to bring them to Chinese market, after holding talks with local partners. Sometimes it happens, that «after talking to local partners, they [these startups] realize China is not the place for them. That could happen too. So I think the key exercise to make cross-border companies successful is we really need to psyche them up – mentally ready – so the CEO knows they really need to set up a local team. I don’t think ‘helicopter style’ to build a team is possible», – she admits. That is why she sets a goal to have at least one company from this list, that will make a mark.


Indisputable Investment Manifesto

Yeung’s Investment Manifesto sounds as «In Mobile. We Trust». She wants ‘500 Startups’ portfolio teams to make a significant impact in education, entertainment, healthcare, and AI in China. For instance, she says that «114 million people in China have diabetes, citing the International Diabetes Federation, indicating that her investment focus will be guided by data on what Chinese consumers or businesses want and need». She believes that «The magnitude of challenges and problems [in health care] is worth doing something about … and we will double down our efforts to do even more in health care».

She also has a blacklist of what she believes should be avoided. It includes «utility apps (you know, things like battery savers and anti-virus for your phone), music apps, and – she laughs – mobile web browsers».


‘Fast Forward with Edith’

An interview program with Yeung named ‘Fast Forward with Edith’ engages 20-minutes in-depth conversations with the best founders, thinkers and inventors on the topics dedicated to groundbreaking technologies. In March this year they published «Penrose Studios – Creating New Worlds of Virtual Reality and Storytelling» interview with Eugene Chung, Founder of Penrose, about VR movie «Allumette» and the tendencies of VR development. The interview can be found here.

In February they made an episode, which is called «Piper – Empowers Kids to Build Their First Real Computer». Founded by Mark Pavlyukovskyy and Joel Sadler, ‘Piper’ provides kids 7+ years with an opportunity to build their own computer, as a part of STEM education. Now this system is implemented in schools on 4 different continents around the world. Here you can see the interview with Mark in first person.

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