YouTube is a perfect place for users to find their own guilty pleasure. Vlogs, film and game reviews, different sort of viral hits – people can subscribe for any sort of channel that can suits their fancy. But despite of the vast variety of entertainment, this platform leaves a huge gap in drama stories like “Game of Thrones” on HBO or “House of Cards” on Netflix, which attract millions of viewers in the whole world. With YouTube’s huge popularity, there must be at least one story that can change the game of mass culture.


New Service Demands New Shows

Since YouTube has launched the ad-free streaming service YouTube Red, it didn’t hit the jackpot with new commercially successful shows, which can assure viewers to pay for the subscription. The problem is that media content like music videos or fails compilations can’t rub along with drama.

The drama is not the opposite of comedy. YouTube shouldn’t put on the mask of tragedy; it should provide audience with catching stories, that will show the personal development of the characters, the thrill of suspense. Even people who don’t watch serials know the story of no-one important professor of chemistry who became drug pusher. Because that’s catching.

YouTube Red


But even without these stories, YouTube remains very popular as the cinema or TV. It seems hard to imagine how some channels or vloggers may succeed outside this platform. For example, the famous comedy vlogger Grace Helbig with nearly 3 million subscribers couldn’t gather 300 000 viewers to watch her TV show.


The Channel Of Communication

The main point of how it works is that unlike the traditional media which put an emphasize on targeting the large audience, YouTube (the Internet as a whole) is a type of personal communication between people. While television shows different celebrities, who are in a league of their own; YouTube creates the impression of real closeness to vloggers. That’s why viewers get in this site not to watch the cooked-up stories, but they want to follow real people who carry on a dialogue through computer monitors.

This process makes the audience an active partner of the communication. Viewers partly feel authorized for the development of videoblog or channel. Due to these unspoken rules, it seems very hard to implement drama stories. So YouTube produces the same kind of content again and again.


A New Hope

However, there is one exception from the rule – game reviews “Let’s play”. The creators record and comment their passing of games. Their unique style makes these types of videos one of the most viewed and successful on YouTube. Large manufactures of games are often cooperate with vloggers as influencers to promote their products. Such creators do not tell stories, they prioritize the reaction to a game and its performance.

It’s no wonder that YouTube Red use the talents of such popular Let’s Players. For instance, afore-mentioned PewDiePie stars in a reality show called “” exclusively for YouTube Red. In this show he encounters scary situations inspired by his favorite video games. Recently Youtube has announced the second season of this successful show.


Individual Channels Or YouTube Red?

YouTube Red

The last and the biggest reason why YouTube Red still doesn’t have its own drama is that people who go on YouTube – go there for individual channels and not for the YouTube itself. And if they like someone and want to support them financially – they will do it through the special websites like Patreon rather than through YouTube. It’s better to give money to the concrete person and not to the platform. That’s why in the short time YouTube should convince the audience to make the shift from individuals to the whole system.

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