Spanish-American contemporary painter, Domingo Zapata, is famed for his paintings of almost everything and on everything. This month he turned models into living canvases during New York Fashion Week.

Domingo Zapata: How To Turn Models Into Living Canvases

Clothing as a Canvas

This February famed contemporary artist Domingo Zapata collaborated with Bernard Aidan , a founder of Catherine Malandrino. Together they presented an “art to wear” collection at the infamous theatre The Box calles Love x Fashion x Art. The result was quiite successful. Zapota1s friend Lindsay Lohan, Miss Jay Alexander of America’s Next Top Model fame, and Jeremy Carver, an actor on Empire were spotted there. Additionally, Lindsey`s little brother Dakota modeled on Zapata’s runway.

Domingo Zapata: How To Turn Models Into Living Canvases Domingo Zapata: How To Turn Models Into Living Canvases
Zapata broke up the collection into five different categories, each with looks for men and women. “I wanted to give the audience a break to digest and enjoy the different themes of the collection, – as he puts it.” Abundance and eccentricity emanated literally from everything. And all the pieces reflected Zapata and his art. The show was opened with flamenco dancers and a bullfighter-run group of performers wearing hand-painted bullfighter jackets. Zapata`s personal muse, Jessica Stamp, reenacted a “human” bull fight in a tiered flamenco dress. Other highlights included Zapata’s iconic Pandas painted on to denim, sweet florals and a quirky Mona Lisa-inspired motifs. Also there was a hint to anarchist punk culture with pieces flaunting motorcycle jackets and phrases like “kiss me like you miss me.” The collection itself featured gender fluid models.

Art Vs Fashion

So how did it happen that an artist created a fashion collection? “I always loved to paint my friends’ clothes when they would come over. Sometimes I would get paint on my own stuff and sometimes I don’t have time to change and I would think well that doesn’t look bad,”- admitted Zapata. There is an obvious intersection between fashion and art. And “it’s been happening forever! I believe that there is a conversation between art and fashion that makes so much sense given the climate we find ourselves in and lends itself to creating unique art to wear.”

Domingo Zapata: How To Turn Models Into Living Canvases Domingo Zapata: How To Turn Models Into Living Canvases
Some people may say that Zapata is an artist especilly as he used vintage clothes. However, it seems to be a trend among notable fashion designers. Raf Simons, for example, started off doing the same. “Raf did a lot of appropriating when he started. In my archives, the bombers that are the most iconic and the most expensive are ironically just bought from a military surplus, and he sewed graphics on them,” – tells David Casavant, an owner of numerous archival Raf Simons and Helmut Lang.
In short, one can call the show a fiery. It was an absolute clash of art and fashion. To see more of Zapota`s works visit his website.

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