Eager fans of Disney movies and Netflix can finally chill out because in September of 2016 Netflix is planning to start releasing new Disney movies as well as featuring some films from the old collection. That’s a great deal that will not only make Disney fans happy but also will drive the Netflix revenues up. Why the deal was arranged and how it will thrive will be explained in this article!


Netflix and chill with Disney movies?


Well, it will be quite an option pretty soon!

In September 2016, Amazon Prime and Starz will no longer have rights to Disney movies, because it is Netflix time now! The deal costed Netflix about $300 million a year, but it will be definitely made up in the future.

Based on a variety of sources, some people misunderstood what exactly the Netflix will be streaming. It will not be streaming the entire Disney collection but only the latest releases of Disney (along with the movies from Pixar, Marvel Studios, LucasFilm, Walt Disney Animation, and DineyNature) from the second half of the last year and this year. It will also feature the movies right after their theatrical release in the next three years.

The deal was arranged back in 2012, and we will witness its implementation pretty soon!


Why is Netflix so full of joys of spring to partner with Disney?

Disney is giving Netflix an amazing opportunity to improve its position on the market and validate the credibility of its reputation. There are several reasons why Disney can ameliorate and contribute to Netflix success.

  • You can feature hundreds of poorly created contents, but it will never make up for one high-quality content. Netflix paid $300 million to Disney, and surely, all of it will be paid off. Netflix marketers believe that it is more reasonable to contribute a damn amount of money to a big and fancy project, rather than distribute it among 50 cheesy projects that will barely appeal to any kind of audience.
  • Someone said once, “Kids are flowers of our life.” Those little flowers can absolutely change our lives and use their intricate manipulative skills of crying and whining to get what they want. Netflix knows what they are targeting, and first of all – children. So, if you have kids, forget about watching “Orange is the New Black” after work, because now the kids will take control of your TV!
  • Disney movies are eternal. They will never get old, and the ideas they bring are the immortal reflection of many generations’ childhoods. “Cinderella”, “Snow White”, and “Beauty and the Beast” will always resonate not only with children’s but also older audience. The new released movies will also be of a great interest to different generations, since many ideas incorporated in the Disney stories target quite mature mindsets.
  • Accessibility of the movies also plays a crucial role here. No matter where you are and what device you are using, you will be able to access any Disney movies anywhere and at any time. Now, you can calm your whining kids down on a trip to Mississippi during a spring vacation and let them watch a recently released Disney movie.

Some of the Disney movies that will be available on Netflix are Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Finding Dory, Zootopia, The Jungle Book, Rogue One, Star Wars: Episode VIII, and the new version of Indiana Jones.

Netflix got a great deal to drive their stock prices and beat market forecasts up. Disney movies will not only attract the new audience of younger generation, but will also benefit their parents, and those who are simply in love with the beautiful Disney stories.

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