“Have we OD’d on a good thing? Have we run against the wall?” sings Alex Vargas in his song “Higher Love”. The word “wall” is now more realistic than ever, as Donald Trump has taken over the White House and uses his presidential power to border America from Mexico by literally building an “impenetrable”, as Trump puts it, wall.

This news provoked quite many social media reactions, Telegraph reports, and popular brands did not leave this behind as well. Diesel, for instance, even created a commercial with hippie-like name for it – “Make Love Not Walls”. Together with photographer and filmmaker David LaChapelle, who is known to have created “kissing sailors” commercial for Diesel in 90’s, the company has introduced its 80-seconds video on 14 February, 2017.

"Make Love Not Walls": How Diesel Breaks Barriers With Its Dazzling Commercial

The commercial opens with Sergei Polunin, Ukrainian ballet dancer, wandering aimlessly (with “Higher Love” playing in the background) behind the grey concrete wall, with no signs of hope in his eyes. He notices a white flower on the ground, and throws it over the wall, to that otherside. To his surprise, the flower flies back to him, and seconds later, the wall is smashed with a heart-shaped hole – colorfully dressed people climb through it and start dancing, hugging and making out. The commercial also features make-up artist and drag performer Raja, and transgender models Laith de la Cruz and Octavia Hamlett, along with gay couple marriage and a rainbow-colored inflatable tank.

"Make Love Not Walls": How Diesel Breaks Barriers With Its Dazzling Commercial

"Make Love Not Walls": How Diesel Breaks Barriers With Its Dazzling Commercial

“#makelovenotwalls is about tearing down the mental and physical walls that separate us, and let all sides come together in the name of unity and love. Diesel wants to tear down these walls showing that a brighter and exciting tomorrow is possible” – says Diesel in its campaign statement. The idea for incorporating a rainbow tank into the commercial belongs to LaChapelle, like an allegory for a machine that used to divide people, now is here to unite them.

For Diesel, creating commercials like that is rather a common thing, as the company has long been reacting to various social issues by making their advertisements and campaigns speak out their position. The company once highlighted that they in no way support any manifestation of hate, and that their principal value lies in using company’s voice to create a healthy society that spreads good, love and togetherness.

Although the relation to Trump’s order of wall construction is easily recognizable, Anomaly Amsterdam, a company which helped create the campaign, tried to explore wall as a broader concept, and partially outside the context of Trump. “For us, the wall is a symbol of division, and we needed a symbol that people could get easily,” – says Engin Celikbas, CEO at Anomaly. “It’s a graphic symbol that people all over the world understand, and this campaign runs in multiple countries. At the same time, the direct link with Trump’s wall, while it was there, was not intentional. There are many visual cues in the ad, and it’s very subject to interpretation from person to person. There are many layers in the ad, and they’re basically all saying the same thing—this is not a statement against anyone or anything.”

"Make Love Not Walls": How Diesel Breaks Barriers With Its Dazzling Commercial

The process of commercial creation was quite a huge one, with a real wall built in the middle of a desert, the colorful tank (which will apparently have its own tour to Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo) and acrobats – everything shot in the course of several days. Bright, flashy, and undoubtedly a free-spirit campaign makes its best at encouraging the freedom of love, choice and being your true self in today’s society.

“Diesel has always pushed boundaries, broken barriers and is a strong brand that believes in togetherness,” – says artistic director Nicola Formichetti. “We need to act right now, and this campaign is our voice in the name of unity and love.”

Sometimes we make it only to break it, right, Diesel?

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