Known as an experienced public speaker and Women Tech Evangelist, Denise Branch is now working at ‘Support Women Startups’ nonprofit, aimed to increase the percentage of women tech intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. She sees her mission to grow up next Meg Whitman, Ursula Burns, Oprah or Sara Blakely in the 21st century «technology» workforce.

On her LinkedIn page Denise Branch states that she is obsessed with such concepts as «Inclusive Innovation, Inclusive Capital, Women’s Empowerment, Social Impact, Impact Investing, Financial Inclusion, CSR, Cause Marketing, Global Philanthropic Investment in Women-Girls, Women & Minority Business Opportunity, Altruism, Empathy, Engaging Men for Gender Inclusion & Equity and Women Supporting Women».


‘Thought-provoking’ And ‘Serendipitous’ Public Speaking

Before ‘Support Women Startups’, in 2011 Branch has taken on public speaking. Being motivational and inspirational speaker, she stimulated lectures on the matters of women’s empowerment, leadership and gender equity. She says that her turbulent speaking topics create «empowering, inspiring, uniting, thought-provoking, igniting, memorable, compelling, entertaining, divergent, innovative, serendipitous and useful experience».

From 2013 she has started public speaking experience as Women Tech & Women Startup Evangelist and Expert. Her subject matters cover 21st Century Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Feminism, Gender dialogue and many more. As a Women Tech Evangelist, Branch believes that a successful woman should sharpen another woman as iron sharpen iron, creating a bridge of inspiration and motivation no matter if she knowns this woman or doesn’t. Acting as an experienced leader, vision and ideation partner, solutionist, she is consulting industry executives, companies, startups in various fields-sectors. In this field of professionalism, she holds up as an example of Mark Twain’s quote «If you speak the truth, you don’t need to remember a thing».


Cultivating A New Culture Of Female Tech Leaders

In January 2015 Branch joined a nonprofit startup technology organization named ‘Support Women Startups’, aimed to build real inclusion and capital for female intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs in technology and every industry of business. There she is now holding four strategic posts: Director Gender Inclusion, Equity and Capital, Women Tech Evangelist, Inclusion Advisor and Activist.


Her duties include leading gender diversity inclusion and capital strategy for the organization, all this – «to cultivate a new culture of equitable opportunity in technology, startup land, Venture Capital & America’s Innovation Economy». To be more detailed, she is responsible for seeking engagement with and inclusion from «inclusion leaders, inclusive companies, CSR leaders, C-Level executives, women’s empowerment brands, foundations, philanthropists, impact investors, influencers, community leaders, VC firms, angel groups, ERG’s within fortune 1000 companies to include and support the work of the organization».
Branch appeals to statistics, where not many women have become top-management of global companies of a fortune 500 company. For this very reason, she states that «We at Support Women Startups strongly want every girl and woman regardless of race, zip code or social class to see innovations in the form of women…When girls and women grow up not seeing and watching women stories as inventors, scientists, builders, creators, entrepreneurs, innovators and beyond, it becomes harder for them as they grow up to be empowered to see it in their own lives. Women and girls must begin seeing females of all nationalities succeeding at the dreams and things they want to be or do».

TV, films and any other form of media, as well as celebrities, can shape the way how young women perceive their own opportunities. «When females grow up seeing story after story that tells them there’s not enough women or women can’t succeed in this or that industry, females are accessories, objects, victims, “they will learn to think or that to be as a woman” and potentially end up playing one of those roles or feeling they can’t achieve their dreams, especially marginalized groups. The one-off examples, token representation-symbolism shouldn’t be tolerated or accepted. It is long overdue to see the next Meg Whitman, Ursula Burns, JK. Rowlings, Oprah, Sara Blakely, Melanie Hobson and beyond», – says Branch.

Such an impulse can be seen in the video, made by Microsoft corporation especially for International Women’s Day 2016. There you may find the injustice in the minds of girls, who are surprised there are many female investors they haven’t learned or even heard at school before.

Branch comments: «When girls can’t name women inventors “Wake up America, we have a long overdue problem to be solved!” While the percentage of women-led households living in poverty continue to increase at alarming rates, there is no poverty of innovations or ideas from women. Just poverty of support».

Feedback On Branch’s Сompetences

«I hosted an event for Support Women Start-Ups where I presented services that OfficeMax offers that would be beneficial to small businesses’ after my presentation, Ms. Branch conducted her workshop. It was a pleasure to host this event and hope to do it again in the future», – Beth Sejba, Store Manager OfficeMax Midwest Region.

«Support Women Start-Up looks like a fantastic organization that will really make a difference for women who are starting up technology enterprises and, indeed, any industry of business», – Carolyn Miles, President & CEO of Save the Children.

«Working with Denise and her team was amazing! We loved having her organization host programming in our store. Our goal is to positively impact the communities that we live, work and play in and we were able to do just that through the events with Support Women Start-Ups», – B. Neish, Community Development Microsoft.

«Support Women Start-Ups great and important work ahead of us, let’s support women and financial inclusion», – Shamina Singh, Executive Director of MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth.

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