A lot of makeup artists and beauty bloggers got insanely creative with beauty, but Caroline Solomon and Dain Yoon are behind tutorials and works which will definitely make you reconsider makeup in general.                                              

Makeup is widely known to be used in performance art and as the ultimate transformer but it’s recently taken on a new dimension, penetrating the world of Instagram and YouTube beauty tutorials. Although there are a lot of makeup artists whose works are worth looking at, Dain Yoon And Caroline Solomon will exceed others by means of their unexpected works.


Caroline Solomon

These days more and more makeup tutorials appear on the Internet and they all just look the same as they are cute, helpful and obviously exaggerated because of artists’ face expressions. Young artist Caroline Solomon, better known as @lowcheekbones on Instagram, uses the surplus as an opportunity to create definitely new type of tutorials as she satirizes all the absurd elements of common beauty how-to-do’s. In this video Solomon shows her nearly 20,000 followers how she applies a highlighter on her face using a “new fun brush” which is actually a big broom. Recently she shared with her audience a tutorial “When your makeup looks gucci”. Starting off exaggerated but relatively normal by hydrating her skin before putting a piece of paper right on the face and painting it with Gucci’s print.

This madness continues throughout Solomon’s feed, with tutorials on how to do “U-Haul Truck” makeup turn your face into  Tiffany’s Package, Stan Smith Adidas shoe, a pair of Crocs, and others fascinating parodies.

Solomon uses everything that is absurd but accepted by a lot of people as a material for her deriding videos. Surprisingly, the artist had no prior artistic practice, and the only thing that led her to her current video making life was her work as a beauty assistant at Glamour. She says that she was stimulated to satirize makeup hacks by understanding that people take makeup too serious, especially artists, who exaggerate all of their expressions and hand movements. She describes that she felt uninspired by the beauty content she was producing and as soon as she started making videos she quickly got involved in creating these tutorials.

Dain Yoon

The Internet is full of beauty tutorials and selfies of beauty bloggers who show their makeups every day and we all got used to it. Although we have already written about an amazing artist who uses cosmetics in a different way, there is someone else who will surprise you. The South Korean artist Dain Yoon is definitely one of the most creative ones as she produces magical and even surreal images with optical illusions and posts them on her Instagram account. She identifies herself as an illusion artist. Using a lot of cosmetic, paints and other stuff Yoon creates incredible selfies that look as they were retouched. To let people understand and don’t ask her about the production of these photos, Yoon always write this phrase in a caption for all her works: “It’s a real painting and not photoshopped”. This is surely needed as perfect replicas of eyes or lips appear on her hands, two faces just in one and others things which look impossible to paint on yourself without any help.

Of course, the artist faces many difficulties during preparations for every portrait: from a long time to paint everything (from 4 to 12 hours!) to choosing a good angle. As Yoon explains, the reflection in a mirror and a view angle on a camera differ so she needs to switch back and forth between mirror and cameras to capture a three-dimensional subject on two dimensions and create a successful illusion. She confesses that hours of painting make her dizzy as it is a hard work to realistically capture a subject, especially on yourself.

Yoon has attracted a large amount of the followers all over the world, including Ashton Kutcher and Lil Wayne but it didn’t distract her attention from studying at South Korea’s National University of the Arts.

As for her source of inspiration, the young artist says that anything could be great inspiration – you just have to look at it from a different angle.

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