Have you ever thought about how the Facebook trending news is brought to you? Apart from algorithms, there has been an editorial team to curate the material… but not anymore. So, what’s going to change now with the new all-automated system?


Facebook news like never before

Previously the whole team of editorial experts was sitting at their tables and making the news content to sparkle. No, they didn’t actually make the story themselves or promoted one content over another. They just curated the existing one in order to assure the information it is not too biased (at least you could be confident that they tried), contains advertising or fake. They were then still accused of bias after the Gizmodo report earlier this year concentrated on the similar educational and professional background of an editorial team. That has allegedly caused the lack of verification of the news the team agreed with. To be fair and square the platform moved on leaving human beings behind; it fired around 20 people to be precise. From now on Facebook has decided to leave it to the machines, so we are the most possibly screwed.

Why Declining Of Curators Is Killing Facebook News

All these time people have been trying to educate an algorithm to make leads and sort news by itself. However, it wasn’t successful at all. In terms of prioritizing the algorithm still does the job, but the insiders confess that the machine cannot differentiate the real unbiased piece of news from a lie. This is particularly concerning as 63% of Facebook users are getting news from the platform along with 50% of all American millennials. Bearing in mind that Zuckerberg has told that Facebook is just transmitting the news without creating any content itself, he still needs to acknowledge one simple fact. Facebook is too huge not to be considered as a powerful mind-changing outlet. The network chooses what news is more important and pushes it into the filter bubble of every user. This is not just creation of news but forming of users’ mindset. It’s even more dangerous.


Why you should actually say goodbye to the trending section

Why Declining Of Curators Is Killing Facebook News


Although Facebook apparently wants good for its users, it’s still lost somewhere on the way to the right decisions. With the new promise to become more informative, it loses the perspective. Being informative also should mean quality that the platform is going to ignore. Inability to check the articles before publication may lead to the complete crap soaking through the unregulated channels. As Mashable puts it: “algorithms aren’t good at recognizing news; people are”.

All in all, Facebook plays some risky games here, and there is a great chance we will have to wave goodbye to the newsfeed we know (or even the whole trending newsfeed in general). As it was mentioned earlier, algorithms are even planning to do the leads to the article eliminating any subjective phrases. This at least questionable move is probably a turn towards bland content with an absence of verified facts and as a result to the closure of the whole page. For example, instead of the proper lead, the articles have a number of sharings to show the popularity of the posts, which clashes with the whole system of news writing. The only well-functioning feature so far is the elimination of ads and obscenity or in other words mild filtering.

Whatever is going to happen, it is clear that Facebook wants little by little to eliminate the human factor from the platform management. For now, it seems like a weird move regarding how unprepared the mechanism is. However, we are not in the position to advise anything right now. So, as usual, we just have to wait to see the first results.

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