You are looking for a job or you have just started your career path? You should definitely pay attention to the industry of content marketing, where the number of vacancies grew by 350% during just the last year?


  1. Growth of the market, plenty of jobs and high interest of employers

According to, just during the last year alone the number of vacancies in the field of content marketing has grown by 350%. Today, in no other field of digital such a rapid growth on the part of those who seek work and those who post vacancies can be observed.

For example, more than 26% of business owners plan to employ experts in the field of content marketing during the current year. By the way, the growing interest to our industry we are also seeing in Russia. Dozens of letters from students, professionals and even representatives of the agencies that want to prove themselves in this industry come to WelkerMedia mailbox.


  1. Content marketing is catching advertising on market size


Another important point – it is market size. Today, content marketing is composed of three main segments:

  • Creation and promotion of content by brands In House, ie in departments within companies;
  • Agent’s business and services of freelancers in the field of content marketing;
  • Technology and business start-ups involved in the development of particular solutions for the industry.

Together, these segments form a market of 145 billion dollars, and by 2019 this figure could rise already to 313 billion dollars.

There is no doubt that experts here have a plenty of niches to enter and to grow and professionally.


  1. Advertising business is integrated with content business

For those who are already working in advertising, the transition to the content marketing can be a logical career step. So, for example, in New York, we are seeing a pretty significant trend, when during the last year alone more than a dozen of agencies have transformed their business from advertising to content or associated with Influencer Marketing.

Thus, today we are witnessing a gradual transition to organic marketing. It does not matter whether we are talking about platforms like SnapChat or about blogging. In all cases, we are moving more and more to value communication, which are based on the content.


  1. Relatively free market in Eastern Europe and Asia

We have already written about the fact that today in the English-language Internet level of content competition has reached such a high level, that almost any strategy includes paid promotion methods i.e. is integrated.

The situation in Russia and Asian countries is much better. Competition is smaller, companies who are just planning to launch a content-marketing – a lot. Therefore, for experts in Russia there is a significant field for experiments and growth.


  1. The abundance of niches

Another big plus – a variation of formats of work in content marketing. From In-House job to start your own agency or a career of an independent creator. No doubt, you have a big choice. Choose by yourself, you can:

  • Apply for a job in the company to build a content-marketing for the brand;
  • Apply for a job in the agency;
  • Apply for a job in the technology startup, that develops different solutions for industry;
  • Become a freelancer;
  • Become a creator;
  • Become a blogger.
  1. Income

Despite the fact that specialists in the field of content marketing are somewhat worse paid, such as SEO professionals. However, today their average salary bracket is ahead of SMM and gradually draws in contextual advertising.

By the way, if you are able to grow to the full content strategist, in the case of work in the cities your income will be around $72,000 per year. Data is presented according to the US market.

In Russia the situation is more difficult, but as in any business sphere, the higher the efficiency of the method is, the higher the level of income in this area you get. Therefore, as soon as  companies will learn to use  content here, the salary of these professionals can seriously grow up.


  1. Variability of tasks

Let’s take a content marketer’s job at WelkerMedia. Our typical specialist have to deal with:

  • Writing content and articles;
  • Researches and creation of reports;
  • Creation of images;
  • Design;
  • Email-newsletters;
  • SMM;
  • Work with the code (especially in the aspect of creating Landing and WordPress);
  • Working with Data (Data Science).

This is a minimum package of functions that such person can have. However, in some cases, he can specialize in certain areas. For example, Email marketing, video marketing or infographics.


  1. Career Ladder

One of the big advantages of content marketing – is the ability to quickly make a path from copywriter to full content specialist, and later head of the department. And then you will have an option to go to freestyle swimming as a freelancer or start your own agency, i.e. head towards the business.


  1. The ability to become a blogger

It is believed that glory is priceless. Therefore, the number of people who dream to become a star in the media space, was great at all times. Today, fortunately, get your “5 minutes of fame” has become much easier. And content marketing tools can help you to do this.

Just look at how much money Neil Patel and Michael Hyatt are making on blogging. According to the words of Nile himself, his income from QuickSprout reaches tens of thousands of dollars per month (exact figures are hard to find. In a separate post Neil wrote about $ 800,000 -. $ 1,000,000 per year).


  1. The combination of creativity and business

In our opinion, one of the differences between content marketing advertising (especially reputational or brand) is a much greater focus on the implementation of KPI and the achievement of business results in terms of the amount gained leads and their cost.

And if in the advertisement you can run a beautiful branded campaign for BMW exclusively of Brand Awareness goals and long-term sales growth (by the way, we suggest you read the thematic column about this), but in case of content marketing it is less common. Largely, because this strategy initially appeared in the segment of small and medium businesses where budgets are smaller, and the requirements for commercial efficiency much higher.

Hence an important conclusion, which is, that content marketer- it is always a combination of creativity and metrics. I.e. in your head the installation to monetization or commercial use of the content you are creating, is formed, what is an important Mindset in your career.


  1. Ability to work with big data

According to Smart Insights Report, Big Data and content marketing are some of the key trends in today’s Digital. By the way, these methods are also actively intersecting with each other. For example, we at WelkerMedia use audience analysis algorithms to build the exact content strategy. In addition, we use “Big Data”, to identify and locate relevant content.

According to our data, many of our colleagues are also actively used similar methods in their work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing. Thus, for you a serious career in content marketing company is not only a plunge into business and marketing, but even Data Science – the direction, which covers more industries from banking to IoT.


  1. The abundance of training programs

Today, acquiring knowledge in the field of content marketing is easy. From specialized programs Hubspot and Content Marketing Institute, to professional trainings in WelkerMedia, you have a significant choice of how to master the knowledge about  right content and its distribution.

Have you decided to build a career in content marketing? Then, join our program. As a part of the practical training and learning, you will acquire skills not only in the field of content marketing, but also in the sphere of Big Data and Data Science.

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