Any publishers are ready to do everything to increase the productivity of their publications. When it comes to such giants of the publishing industry as the Condé Nast International, we can expect major changes and innovations. Condé Nast International intends to centralize Vogue’s digital editorial efforts across 21 overseas markets in order to increase the efficiency of the fashion publication.

By 2017, Condé Nast International is planning to complete the functioning of an editorial hub based in London. The assembled team will be responsible for the creating a content, which would suit all Vogue’s overseas digital editions. The purpose is also to preserve the uniqueness of every single publication and to allow them focusing on the local content, in order to avoid duplication of materials. The global team has the opportunity to share content and ideas. Tools like Slack will help them in this mission. First, the team will begin work with sharing sharing images and videos of the 430 runway shows Vogue covers each year. Wolfgang Blau, chief digital officer for Condé Nast International, added: «Vogue journalism is very visual, which gives us a tactical advantage because it can be published around the world. Text needs to go through translation, and even then, it needs life breathed into it».

Condé Nast International. Vogue’s Digital Editions

Something Else?

The advent of centralized Vogue’s hub also means increasing work on search exclusive material and on negotiations with designers. Saying 12 Vogue editions will cover a show has some sway, after all.

The coming changes primarily affect 11 of Vogue’s 21 editions outside the U.S., which are wholly owned (the rest ten – licensed – will be engaged in later). Every single edition, as you know, has its own digital editorial team – between six to 20 employees. Generally, centralizing goes along with layoffs in view of cost cutting. According to Blau, in Vogue’s case it is more not about cutting staff but rather investing without specifying the amount. «It’s an enormous opportunity given the strength of its brand reputation. Now is the time to invest more into Vogue. That’s the beauty of the internet; there’s always a latecomer advantage».

Condé Nast International. Vogue’s Digital Editions


An editorial hub s hiring 14 network editors whose job is to settle in local markets and to feed content, which is relevant to all the Vogue editions, back to hub. Condé Nast International itself plans to increase the number of employees by year’s end. Editors require new professionals in social strategy, audience development, editorial, data, product and engineering.

Another change in Vogue’s work is migrating to one CMS (content-management system). On the moment, all Vogues digital editions are on different CMS. As Blau assured, this coming change not affects the individual look of each edition. Despite the fact that publisher has a plan of conducting global campaigns, most of the ads in the editions are still more local and they will stay like that. «Fashion is synonymous with globalization,» – said Blau, – «Fashion wonderfully also has a hyper-local expression around things like street style. With so many Vogues, we’re creating the world’s largest network».

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