We all remember the times when news companies such as CNN and NBC ruled the world with its political one day-lasting shows but today it seems to be not enough for televisions. And it’s not difficult to guess on what they put their eye.

Eager to attract more younger audience broadcasting companies turned to social media. And it makes a great sense taking into account that millennials prefer to get their news from Facebook and Twitter.


Television put it all on Facebook


NBC’s senior producer Shawna Thomas saw a great value in digital media for the company’s «Meet the Press» show to redeem its once highest positions.

«When I first came on board, the site traffic would spike on Sunday, but then there was a precipitous drop and it didn’t come back till the next Sunday,»- admits Thomas. The Channel gambled it all on Sundays and no one has ever thought about filling the whole left week with something rating-raising. But the thing is these days news cant survive sticking to such a tippy path anymore. NBC’s got to do something to make «Meet the Press» working 24 hours 7 days a week. And turning to Facebook was the first and very right step they made.

Using Facebook Live Chuck Todd, show’s host, started his Questions-and-Answerings on the platform and these non-stoping intercourse with the audience made NBC one of the biggest followings on Facebook. The first result showed it was 829 active users who responded to Q&As format. The next was «Compressed», a 2-minutes videos just right after the Sundays’s «Meet the Press» as a response. And it took 53,500 views for each of this videos.

What is noticeably, over the past few years «Meet the Press» viewership has significantly declined (but in fact they managed to stabilize the situation this May), meanwhile in on month its Facebook followers amount grew up to 321,297 followers which means it’s doubled and beat its competitor «Fox News Sunday». According to Social Bakers «Fox News Sunday» got by that time 200,965 followers.

Monthly interactions on their Facebook posts have zoomed up just for that very May again. And if in 2015 it wasn’t reaching the top of 60,000 – this number shows the level on what ABC’s Sunday morning political program «This Week» appeared in 2016. And this year «Meet the Press» keeps its position on 115,000 point.

Many political talk shows see the significant of social media use in promotion and saving the audience, and NBC’s «Meet the Press»is not alone.

Starting on Friday CNN’s show «State of the Union» descends to Facebook repackaging clips with text overlay. It’s not just a TV event or a Sunday play for the CNN anymore. The same path took «Fox News Sunday» which answers the audience questions in non-stop regime on Twitter and promoting its host – Chris Wallace’s activities all over the social media environment.


The next step is Instagram and Snapchat


While news broadcasting companies try to find the way to repackage their content for Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook still stays the most preferable platforms among political shows searching for the audience. However, some of televisions managed to find they way to keep up with Instagram-audience. For example, Jake Tapper, host from CNN’s «State of the Union» pushed his «State of the Cartoon-ion» where he’s drawing marvelous political cartoons and posts them on Instagram.

The only reason Fox uses Instagram and Vine but turns aside Facebook is that on NBC’s practice no one has figured out how to stop duplicating the content on TV and on platforms. As even «This Week» soared with Facebook Live they still had the same content on Facebook and on TV.

«Figuring out how to make what we do work on digital and social without the aid of puppies and small children is still tough for me, but what I think we have going for us is that it’s not an afterthought,» – confesses Shawna Thomas.

Nevertheless, moving the audience from one medium to another is problematic but still is not the biggest difficulty. The point is millennials do not search news deliberately and unlike the previous generation this younger audience won’t be so aware of the shows or specialized programs. They prefer to get news easily with a mist of fun and coze. And there must be no surprise that late-night talk and satiric news program «Colbert Report» with a fictional anchorman Stephen Colbert won 43% of audience between 18 and 29 in 2012 meanwhile Sunday shows reached only 10% of it.

Here it goes that today a program which sticks to a niche and program time has almost no chances to become a first place event among the millennials.

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